The new stimulus plan would allow families to receive up to $ 3,900

Congressmen are close to reaching an agreement on new financial aid.

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Republicans and Democrats continue negotiations on the new financial aid package against the coronavirus, but at least they have agreed on the amount for each person and family.

Lawmakers presented proposals that adhere to the CARES law, which would allow sending aid of $ 1,200 per person, $ 2,400 per couple (if they jointly filed taxes) and $ 500 per child or dependent.

In this way, a family of five could receive up to $ 3,900 dollars, considering the maximum support for three children or dependents.

Lawmakers are stuck on eligibility, including whether there will be supports for mixed couples, where a member is undocumented, as it seeks not to leave out US spouses and children born in the US.

Democrats want the same support for them, according to the HEROES ActBut the Republicans are divided, since while some want to at least support the spouses and their children, others reject the help completely.

Congressmen are also on hold regarding the unemployment insurance bonus, as Republicans want to cut it dramatically to $ 200, but Democrats remain at $ 600.

There are also problems with funding for states, as Republicans seek to spend less aid than Democrats, according to the HEALS Act.

Analysts, however, consider that the congressmen are close to reaching an agreement.

It should be remembered that the last day of Congress sessions is August 7, so this week will be decisive.


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