Why is embryo adoption so popular in the USA?

Embryo adoption has been supported by conservative groups and pro-Christian life groups in the US.

Photo: Kamille Sampaio / Pexels

Photo: Kamille Sampaio / Pexels

The adopting embryos in the USA it seems to be a more massive practice there than in other countries of the world. If you are interested in knowing why this is the case, we invite you to read the following information.

What is embryo adoption?

An article from the BBC indicates that embryo adoption is a procedure in which a couple can adopt one of the embryos of another couple.

This embryo is the result of the treatment of in vitro fertilization of the couple that has the embryo “available”. Generally, the embryo that can be adopted is a “surplus” embryo that the couple has decided not to thaw and implant in the mother’s womb.

The adoption of embryos can be done through different institutions that try prevent unused embryos from being eliminated by giving a couple the chance to adopt them.

It is estimated that in the United States there are about 600,000 frozen embryos, which are being stored waiting to be “used”.

The popularity of embryo adoption

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Embryo adoption is a practice that has become very popular in recent times. One of the causes of this is the speed of adoption, which is faster than conventional adoption or in vitro fertilization treatment.

Embryo adoption can also free adopters to bond with the biological parents of their future child. The amount of information they can learn about them depends on what they want to know.

In the United States, medical centers can help expectant parents to choose the embryo or embryos they want to adopt based on criteria such as sexuality, religion, ethnicity, etc.

There are legal regulations around embryo adoption, regulations with which you must familiarize yourself before proceeding with the adoption so that you comply with everything established. Beyond this, embryo adoption is a simple and quick process to perform.


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