Capitol riot hearing: Live updates


Captain Carneysha Mendoza of the US Capitol Police was invited to speak to testify before the Senate today.

Mendoza has been a member of the Capitol Police for almost 19 years, with 13 years of leadership experience, according to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who introduced her.

“She currently serves as a field commander in the special operations division where her duties include acting as a field commander for significant security incidents. She has served in various divisions within the department, including the command center House division and senator division,” Klobuchar said.

Prior to joining the Capitol Police, Mendoza served as an active duty soldier in the United States Army, and she has received various awards for her work, including her work on recovery efforts during the Pentagon attack on 9/11, Klobuchar added.

Born and raised in Missouri, Mendoza has a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice administration from Park University. She has two children.

On Jan. 6, during the attack, “she rushed to the Capitol when she heard that her fellow officers needed immediate help and assumed command in the Rotunda as they fought to push back the rioters and drive them out of the building,” Klobuchar said.


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