Local Mom Shares Birth and Breastfeeding Experiences at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian

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Six years ago, Maricelda Matias gave birth to her first baby in CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC). Little did she know that she would deliver three more babies at the same hospital. She recently shared her experience helping other new moms prepare and choose a hospital that will provide the support they need during labor, delivery, and breastfeeding.

“It’s about the nurses,” he said without thinking for a second.

During her first delivery, Maricelda felt welcomed by the nursing staff and was amazed by the caring environment.

“From the moment I stepped foot in the hospital for my first baby, I felt like I was the center of attention,” he says. “The nurses told me from A to Z about the delivery and made sure I was comfortable during my stay. Another thing that I really like is that they always had the baby with me and encouraged breastfeeding, which is the best for my baby ”. Maricelda overcame the challenges of breastfeeding by having help from the consultants and staff to guide her in the hospital. Designated as a Child Friendly Hospital by Baby Friendly USA, Inc., CHA HPMC is committed to supporting breastfeeding as the optimal nutrition for babies and following established standards to encourage breastfeeding.

For each of her four deliveries, Maricelda had her own private room in the hospital that she shared with her own family. In these six years, she has found a ‘second family’ in the nursing staff and has formed a close bond with – so much so that she knows some of them by first name.

For more information about CHA HPMC and its women’s and maternity services call 323.913.4909 or visit www.hollywoodpresbyterian.com.

Top Five Reasons to Choose CHA Hollywood Presbyterian for Maternity and Women’s Services

Giving birth is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life and it is also a time when it is important to have the best possible care for mother and baby during labor and delivery. Beyond birth, women have complex healthcare needs that require experienced and knowledgeable healthcare personnel.Here are five reasons to choose CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC) for this life-changing and needs-changing experience. constant health care for women:

  1. Childbirth Education: CHA HPMC prepares expectant mothers and their partners for labor and delivery with interactive childbirth classes. These classes help women gain confidence in their ability to give birth and help birth attendants learn ways they can support and comfort their partner. They also provide information on the possible complications that can occur during the birthing process and how they are managed to keep the mother and baby safe. Breastfeeding classes They are also offered to educate parents about breastfeeding techniques through video clips and accessories. Classes are offered in Spanish and are taught by certified lactation consultants who provide helpful information about breastfeeding and also answer questions from expectant parents.
  2. Maternity Tours: Intended parents receive tours Guided in Spanish to become familiar with the facilities and learn more about the birthing process at CHA HPMC. The center Labor and delivery It is made up of six labor and delivery rooms, six triage beds, and two operating rooms. As a special gift, all moms receive a baby bag and other gift items to ease the transition from motherhood to postpartum.
  3. Baby Friend Designation and Breastfeeding Support: CHA HPMC is a hospital designated as Baby’s Friend by Baby Friendly USA, Inc., part of a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), meaning it supports breastfeeding as the optimal nutrition for babies and follows established standards. Full-time lactation consultants provide expert advice and guidance to all new mothers. To foster mother-baby bonding and breastfeeding, babies only placed skin-to-skin with their mother immediately after birth and mothers receive the support they need to make their breastfeeding experience easier.
  4. NICU and High Risk Pregnancy Services: Mothers and babies are in good hands at CHA HPMC if complications arise. His Newborn Intensive Care Unit The NICU is led by renowned neonatologists from the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital Medical Group and cared for by specially trained experts. It also partners with USC Maternal Fetal Medicine and Surgery to offer innovative treatment and care. For high-risk pregnancies, the hospital offers a six-bed antepartum section as a quiet, resting area where expectant mothers can rest or complete their pregnancy under the close supervision of the labor and delivery nurses.
  5. Expansion of Maternity and Health Services to Women: As a leader in maternity care, CHA HPMC delivers 4,000 babies a year and that number is expected to increase as the hospital expands its maternity and women’s health services with the opening of its new patient tower in the next few months. To meet the growing demand for its services, the hospital will expand to become one of the larger birthing centers in Los Angeles. Its women’s health services are growing to provide enhanced services that include robotic surgery with world-class specialists, a fertility clinic, and specialized expertise in gynecologic health, gynecologic urology, and gynecologic oncology.

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