4 fast food recipes that we can prepare in their vegan version

Vegan fast food is healthier for the body without sacrificing any flavor

Fast food establishments do not attract vegans much, but that does not mean that they cannot eat fast food in their own way, as we will see with the following recipes to make vegan fast food.

1. Vegan falafel pita

According to a portal article Body mind, to make this recipe we only need bread and some falafel. Bread can be cooked over medium-high heat in a frying pan, like falafel, but falafel with a pinch of olive oil to make it crisp.

You can use romaine or Batavia lettuce leaves to prepare the pita. You can also add some tomato slices and add pickles like pickled pita.

2. Durum of seitan kebab

For the durum you can make use of durum bread, or large wheat tortillas that you can heat up a little by placing them on a frying pan.

Seitan kebab is made by cutting seitan into very thin slices. and placing it in a frying pan over high heat with a little olive oil. If you don’t have seitan at home, you can also use tofu, although this one is more delicate.

Place a good portion of the seitan kebab in the center of the tortilla or durum bread so that you form a line. This will make it easier to roll up.

3. Vegan burger

For bread you can use the round bread of your choice, whether it is whole grain, with seeds, etc. Regarding lettuce, we recommend using the Batavia lettuce, which has more flavor than those usually used in commercial establishments. Oak leaf can also work.

You can cut an onion into rings if you want to add onion. It doesn’t matter if it’s white or purple, both will work. He vegan cheese It is not essential, but you can include it if you want to add flavor. Vegan mayonnaise works well if you want to include salsa.

4. Hot dog

A hot dog prepared as vegan fast food is simpler and faster than the hamburger, we will only need the bread and the vegan sausage that corresponds to him. If you want to make it more delicious, you can grill it or brown it on a frying pan.

You can add a wide variety of toppings to increase the experience, some of them being pico de gallo, chopped lettuce, grated carrots, and everything you can include in a vegan diet.

A feeding vegan It doesn’t have to be tasteless and unpleasant for you. If you have creativity and have the necessary ingredients, you can make very delicious vegan fast food.


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