5 nutrients that should not be missing to strengthen your defenses daily

In many occasions, following a balanced diet is not enough to strengthen the immune system, it knows the nutrients that will help you raise your defenses. It is very easy to integrate them into your routine!

In the last days one of the most important aspects in the prevention of risk of contagion by coronavirus is to enjoy a strong immune system. Undoubtedly follow a balanced diet is he key point to achieve it, thanks to the consumption of natural food that stand out for their extraordinary nutritional and medicinal properties we are stimulating body’s defense system.

However on many occasions a healthy diet it is not enough and it is necessary to resort to consumption of food supplements what will be the perfect ally to defend ourselves from external pathogens. The human being is wonderful and has natural barriers that block the unexpected appearance of microbes and others strange pathogens than facilitate the immune response; think about the important task of the epidermis, in the gastrointestinal mucous membranesrespiratory urinary and breeders, the tearssaliva gastric juices, the sebaceous glands, all are barriers that the body has created to protect itself. What happens is that due to various external factors, the immune system does not always work 100% and that is why through the correct intake of nutrients we can enhance its good maintenance.

Now more than ever it turns out essential to strengthen the provision of nutrients than will keep us healthy and strong, know the natural shields than they should not be missing in your day to day and that they will be the ideal complement.

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1. The indispensable vitamin C

The vitamin C intake is he best ally of the immune systemis considered the first line of defense with which the body has. It is obtained directly by consumption of citrus fruits as is the case of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, limes, lemons, kiwis, and strawberries, in the case of vegetables peppers are the kings of vitamin C. What happens is that when processing food, vitamin C is destroyed more than any other nutrient and the organism is not able to store it, it is therefore essential to supplement your intake through Food Complements; a couple of tablets in the morning they will be the perfect combobecause they help vitamin C stay longer in the body. At the same time it intervenes favorably in skin health, reduces fatigue, protects cells from oxidative stress and improves joint function.

vitamin C
Vitamin C. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. The wonderful vitamin D

One of the infallible allies of a strong immune system is the vitamin D which is called “The vitamin of the sun” not surprisingly, there are several studies that confirm that there are certain diseases that occur in higher percentages, in lands where there is not much sun. When vitamin D is metabolized by the body, it intervenes positively in bone and teeth health and it is essential for the body to absorb nutrients is therefore considered the best friend of the immune system. The problem is that found in minimal amounts in some foods like yolk and cod liver, however the most direct way to obtain it is through sun exposure; a good alternative for the seasons of the year when we have no chance to sunbathe O well derived from the days of confinementis to consume vitamin D3 supplements, it is a great alternative to recharge defenses and it is very useful for high risk groups.

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Sun and vitamin D. / Photo: Shutterstock

3. The zinc balance

Zinc it is a mineral that intervenes in iimportant functions of the organism, actively contributes to immune system tasks and also positively intervenes in cognitive function, carbohydrate metabolism, fertility, reproduction e including healthy hair, nails and hair. It is known as the silent protector and the mediator of the immunity of the organism, is found in foods like red meat, eggs and seafood and in some sources of plant origin as is the case of legumes and cereals. Consider intake of one zinc tablet daily is key to empower the defense system.

Zinc. / Photo: Shutterstock

4. The wonders of retinol

Retinol it is also popularly known as Vitamin A and it is considered a essential nutrient to keep on good condition to the immune system. It is obtained through the intake of foods such as fatty fish, milk, cod liver, yolk, sardines and herring, is also found in some vegetables like the carrots and peppers. It is one of the nutritional deficiencies most popular, so it is important to integrate it through the consumption of supplements, the cod liver oil in capsules is a extraordinary ally that provides retinol and helps protect the skin and mucosa considered as defensive barriers more important.

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Cod liver oil capsules. / Photo: Istock

5. The basic and fundamental of water

Keep the body hydrated It’s one of the most important habits to enjoy a strong immune systemThanks to this, the organism will be able fight against various pathologies and it is the most effective measure to protect you from the proliferation of germs. At the same time a abundant water consumption intervenes in a better absorption of essential nutrients among those added to the list the folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, minerals like selenium, iron and the copper.

drinking waterDrinking water. / Photo: Shutterstock


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