5 truths and myths about gray hair

Gray hair in young people may be due to a lack of a certain vitamin

Are gray hairs a health problem? The more I get stressed, the more gray hairs appear? These are some questions that we are going to answer next when we talk about truths and myths of gray hair.

one. Gray hairs appear over time

According to a portal article Bioguide, it is true that gray hairs appear over the years since they are due to the melanin loss, the pigment that causes skin and hair color. The amount of melanin in our body decreases with age.

two. If you tear off a cane, seven appear

It is false, there is no scientific evidence that gray hairs can appear if you have previously removed one. Although more gray hair can arise after this, there is no evidence to indicate that it was due to the removal of a previous reed.

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3. Gray hair grows faster

While there are studies that do indicate that gray hair grows faster than colored hair, other studies completely indicate the opposite, so that there is no definitive consensus in the scientific community.

It can be said to be a half truth that is subject to the particular processes of each person.

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Four. Stress encourages the appearance of gray hair

It’s false, stress is not a factor that directly affects the appearance of gray hair. Indeed, stress can accelerate the aging process and affect our hair, but this always occurs in conjunction with other factors where stress rarely predominates.

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5. Lack of vitamin B accelerates the gray hair process

It is true. A young person with high gray hair is likely to be deficient in B vitamins, mainly B5 complex and pantothenic acid. This can be reversed, either by taking supplements or consuming foods rich in this nutrient.

If you know how to differentiate between what is false and what is true regarding not only your hair, but all the others, you will be able to make smarter and more informed decisions that will lead to better results.



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