6 reasons to eat polenta, a classic Italian dish full of nutrition and energy

Polenta is a very complete food and a great source of energy. Its potential has gone somewhat unnoticed, discover everything it can do for your health

Polenta is rich in minerals, fiber, and a great source of complex carbohydrates.

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Surely in more than one occasion have you heard about the culinary contributions of polenta, although the reality is that it is a food that we have somewhat forgotten. The good news is that in last years as part of the rise of vegetarian eating trends, some products have been dusted off that have become a wonderful ally in any healthy diet and that stand out for being a good alternative to promote the low consumption of animal products.

Among the main ones on the list are: polenta, one of the most representative in Italian cuisine. The nutritional qualitiesThe most important aspects of polenta are related to its high contribution in carbohydrates and fiber, in fact that is why in the Rural italy It was a food that played a fundamental role in nutrition and that in fact it was considered the main contribution in nutrients in various towns. Something similar to what happened with the potato in medieval Spain.

What is polenta?

Polenta is cooked cornmeal and has the immense advantage of being a very satiating food, distinguished by its versatile uses as a great accompaniment, in purees, bread and desserts; another genius is that it can be served hot or cold.

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It is distinguished by its carbohydrate content and that is why many demonized its consumption. However it is a food rich in complex sugars, so its consumption does not generate a elevated pancreatic stress. While I eat all foods with a high contribution in carbohydrates It is important moderate your consumption, it is a healthy and complete meal that is also related to its contribution in vitamins of group B, which are important for obtaining energy. Another of its advantages is due to its great potassium content, which is related to benefits for rregulate blood pressure, promote the elimination of retained fluids and protect kidney health.

Discover the benefits that are related to polenta consumption and begins to integrate it as part of a healthy and varied diet. Is a satiating food and with a low in fat, a great source of energy and minerals, and gluten free.

About the benefits of eating polenta:

1. Great source of fiber and protein

One of the great qualities in composition of polenta is due to its high protein and fiber intake, which give it a large part of its satiating power. Fiber is associated with great benefits for maintaining good functioning of the digestive system, regulates intestinal transit, benefits cardiovascular health and promotes weight loss. At the same time it is considered a good food to treat the chronic constipation, inflammation and heavy digestions.

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2. Great gluten-free food alternative

In recent years much has been said about the gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease its effects on health, that is why all kinds of foods have come to light that are distinguished by their zero gluten contribution. Such is the case of polenta, who has the genius of being one of the few grains and sources of fiber without gluten. It is therefore a wonderful alternative for people who suffer from this condition and also in vegetarian or vegan diets.

3. Provides a lot of energy

As we mentioned earlier, the main characteristic of the composition of polenta, is its high content in carbohydrates. What is very valuable is that it is complex carbohydrates, which have a completely different function from those considered “simple” and which are directly related to disturbances in blood sugar levels and a low contribution in nutrients. The good news about consuming complex carbohydrates is that assimilate much more slowly in the body, they are usually healthy food and of great medicinal potential, therefore they are a great source of good energy and keep blood sugar stable.

4. Low in fat and calories

In a natural way, polenta is a food very low in fat and caloriesyes, you just have to watch the manufacturing methods. It’s about a very nutritious whole grain cereal, which is related to good qualities to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Some good recommendations are to prepare it with olive oil, vegetables, herbs and low-fat cheeses.

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5. Great mineral wealth

Polenta is a nutritious food that stands out for its exceptional content of essential minerals, among which its outstanding contribution in iron, magnesium and zinc. All three play an important role in various functions of the body and in turn are related to benefits for strengthen the immune system.

6. It is a good source of carotenoids

Carotenoids are antioxidant substances that are related to great benefits for the good functioning of the organism. Undoubtedly one of its main qualities is due to its power to fight free radicals and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress. Also for this reason they are a good ally to reduce the risk of suffering chronic and degenerative diseases, especially eye, lung, cardiovascular conditions and certain types of cancer.


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