9 tips when you go to buy a bra

Choosing a bra is not an easy task. You will have to take into account some factors to determine that one model suits you better than another, which makes buying a bra a complex process.

The following 9 tips are geared toward making shopping for bras a little easier, so these suggestions may make it easier for you to choose.

1. Recognize the signs

The portal Take care of yourself Plus points out the importance of recognize the meaning of the letter and number that accompany bras. While the letter indicates the bra cup and the volume of the chest, the number refers to the contour of the chest below the chest.

2. Look at the sideband

The sideband should be completely snug and horizontal so you can fasten the bra at the top ends and adjust it as the contour stretches.

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3. Look at the cup

The hoop should hug the base of the breast so it can wrap around the chest so there is no extra space in the cup. This can be a complication regarding the smaller chest, so we also suggest patience.

4. The hoop and breast tissue

The ring should never touch the breast tissueWhen this happens, it is due to the fact that the bra has been misplaced, which will probably cause the ring to pierce your chest. To avoid this, you just have to make sure that the ring is long enough.

5. The location of the clasp

It is preferable that the bra has the clasp behind so that the breastplate is not obstructed by him in the front.

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6. Distinguish bra types

Distinguishing bra types is very important so you don’t get confused if a bra doesn’t fit you the way it should. For example, some bras or sports tops may have the clasp on the front.

7. The object of the breastplate

The breastplate must be well attached to the sternum since it is the section that joins both cups of the bra. Only then can it fulfill its function.

8. Check the height of the straps

The straps should leave room to insert two fingers effortlessly. If this happens, you probably won’t have to make major adjustments to your bra placement anymore.

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9. About the tissues

Bras made of cotton are not a guarantee of qualityThey can give in to continuous use and don’t have the strength to hold on. If you’re going to choose a soft cup bra, make sure it contains polyester so it doesn’t warp.

You can ask your trusted friends for help, which can provide you with suggestions about certain bras that make you include or discard them in your selection process. You can share these tips with them so they can give you their opinion.


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