Americans Who Would Receive Third Stimulus Check Payments Next Week Of June 28

Stimulus checks printed at the Philadelphia Financial Center.

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The week beginning next Monday, June 28, Americans who received an incomplete down payment from the IRS for a third stimulus check as well as those who recently filed a tax return would be receiving money from the agency.

The IRS has not specified the date it expects to end with shipments of all stimulus checks from the third round under the “American Rescue Plan”.

Under the aforementioned law passed in the United States Congress last March, the IRS and the Treasury Department have until December 31 to comply with that obligation.

The tax collecting office indicated that processed weekly in batches shipments of payments by third stimulus check.

In the most recent press release on its website, on June 9, the agency stated: “The IRS will continue to make Economic Impact Payments on a weekly basis. Ongoing payments will be sent to eligible individuals for whom the IRS did not have information to issue a payment, but who recently filed a tax return, as well as to individuals who qualify for additional payments. “

The entity specified that in the last two weeks up to that date it had disbursed more than 2.3 million economic impact payments.

“More than 900,000 payments, worth more than $ 1.9 billion, went to eligible individuals for whom the IRS previously did not have information to issue an economic impact payment, but who recently filed a tax return,” the agency detailed.

The most recent delivery announced in addition included additional payments or “plus-up” for individuals who initially received payments based on their 2019 tax returns, but are eligible for a new or higher payment as a result of filing their recently processed 2020 tax returns. “In the last two weeks, more than 1.1 million of these additional payments (“ plus-up ”) were included, with a value of more than $ 2.5 billion,” added the IRS.

These numbers raise total stimulus checks processed and sent to more than 169 million for a total value of approximately $ 395 billion since these payments began being distributed to Americans in batches on March 12.

Usually, the IRS begins scheduling direct deposit of stimulus checks each Friday with the effective date of payment on the Wednesday of the following.

It is possible that the Internal Revenue Service has not updated the data of the most recent shipments of the third round because the amount of payments that it has been sending lately is minimal, or because the preparation for the shipments of the monthly payments under the extension of the “Tax credit for children” as of July 15 has occupied the informational agenda.

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