Amory victim to attacker: ‘You’re in my prayers’

AMORY, Miss. (WTVA) – A woman said she’s still shaken up after someone attacked her last week in Amory. That attack came just one day after someone killed a woman in her 70s, Judy Baxter, in her Amory home.

Callie Chisholm said she doesn’t know if the same person responsible for killing Baxter is her attacker. She did say that she suspected that her attacker was a man, and prayed that whoever it was, doesn’t strike again.

“I’m struggling to process everything and get my life back to normal as much as possible,” said Chisholm.

Chisholm said she had just dropped off a friend at a home near Meadowbrook Circle when someone attacked her from behind and left a knot on her head.

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“I feel like I had been drug across the street. I have bruises all over my hip,” said Chisholm.

Her attack happened one day after someone killed Judy Baxter in Amory.

“I know it happened to me, I know I was grabbed from behind,” said Chisholm. “But as far as if this was related to the other crimes, I don’t know.”

Chisholm said she worked with Amory Police to hopefully put an end to the attacks. She fought through tears to share a message to whoever did the crime.

“Whomever is doing this, whether it’s one or two people, you’re in my prayers,” said Chisholm. “That’s something really hard for me to say, but you must’ve had a hard life to do something like this.”

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Chisholm encouraged residents to watch their surroundings and to be careful when out alone.

Amory Police Chief Ronnie Bowen said there were no updates for either crime as of this afternoon. Both cases are still under investigation.


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