Are canned foods less nutritious than fresh ones? The answer may surprise you

Eating fresh and seasonal food is one among the infallible recommendations for feed us balanced and obtain all the nutrients that the body must function optimally. it’s due to that canned foods represent an unattractive optiona, however derived from the truth we currently live shopping habits have changed.

As a results of the coronavirus pandemic, the sale of canned foods has grown significantly. ditch false beliefs about its consumption and know the simplest recommendations created by nutrition specialists

 JAMA general medicine revealed interesting information verifying that on the brink of a 75% of the people surveyed confirmed that derived from the coronavirus pandemic stored food. At an equivalent time the info revealed by Nielson they found that during this health crisis sales of various pantry items are shot considerably within the last days.

The new normality to which we’ve become accustomed has been clearly reflected in grocery shopping, derived from confinement and preventive measures we’ve learned new techniques for supply the household suppliesr, largely with the aim of reduce visits to supermarkets the maximum amount as possible and also because we are becoming closer to new alternatives at product consumption that we weren’t so wont to buying before; the clear example are canned foods they represent a fast option and safe to always wear hand. the great news is that despite the various myths about itthey provide nutritional benefits.

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Interesting facts about canned food:

To start, it’s important to clarify that it’s quite normal to wonder about nutritional and health problems when eating stuffed food in an aluminum can. After all, we are always being stressed about the importance of consuming fresh and seasonal food, largely thanks to its wonderful nutritional properties their medicinal benefits and within the physical / mental performance. that’s why we present you the most myths and realities about the canned foods , than various nutrition professionals recommend.

1. Canned foods haven’t any comparison with their fresh equivalents

Nutrition specialists means that those that have stocked their pantries with brand-name products Molly Morgan, R.D., C.D.N., C.S.S.D., from Creative Nutrition Solutions, means that there’s no reason to belittle the food that comes in aluminum and truly means that tons of those canned foods are typically rich in nutrients, because the canning process has less impact on nutrition than many of us believe. an honest example is that the canned fish variants: a 3-ounce serving of canned albacore tuna has approximately 20 grams of protein for muscle development, practically an equivalent as you’d get by choosing a fresh option. For its part, products like salmon, herring and mackerel canned, provide a important source of heart-healthy mega-omega-3 fats. Another exemplar is that the sardine cans which will provide half the daily requirement of vitamin D , essential for boost the system .

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2. the simplest alternatives

Another Non-Fresh canned foods Option but they’re going to always be successful are lcanned beansrepresent a almost complete nutritional package. They stand out for being cheap food, easy to eat and that they represent a extraordinary source of protein and fiber of plant origin, are satiating, reduce hunger and one pump in nutrients like vitamins and minerals key, as is that the case of the potassium, iron, copper and magnesium.

They are also foods that help maintain intestinal health by providing prebiotics, which are nondigestible carbohydrates which function fuel permanently bacteria (probiotics) in your gut. Another genius is that there are various investigations that prove that las sorts of dark beans they possess high levels of polyphenolic antioxidants they will help prevent cancer. And it’s a incontrovertible fact that the nutritional differences between beans in their dry version and canned ones they’re insignificant, sodium is that the only substance to be monitoredr; one among the simplest recommendations is drain the beans and wash them with fresh clean water, during this way its sodium content is reduced by 40%.

Another great shortcut is to think about the utilization of canned tomatoes for subsequent production of pasta or condiment , these products lycopenes contain a phytochemical carotenoid which is related to lower risks of stroke, heart condition and cancer, this compound is out there within the same way in canned and fresh versions. Also canned versions They stand out for holding greater flavor and better consistency, since in many occasions when the tomatoes are out of season they present its main qualities deteriorated.

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3. About your nutritional level

The specialists assure that sodium may be a major nutritional concern once we mention canned products, it’s therefore important buy the low sodium variants or get within the habit of rinsing foods thoroughly before preparing them. However once we mention various canned fruit and vegetable options they will become inclusive more nutrient dense than fresh produce, this is often because canned foods undergo this process practically few hours after being collected and this helps it keep most of its nutrients intact.


Now you recognize consuming canned food during an epidemic isn’t a nasty option in nutritional matters, the important thing is to seek out the healthiest variants and follow processes that complement their wealth. the simplest recommendation is usually drain and blend with fresh foods and healthy condiments like vegetable oil and vinegar.

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