Balloon hits ground in mishap at Great Forest Park Balloon Race

ST. LOUIS ( — One balloon pilot had a scary close call Saturday evening during the Great Forest Park Balloon Race. 

The popular family event made its return to Forest Park after a hiatus last year because of COVID-19. At least one balloon had some trouble at the race Saturday. Tony Boudreau sent News 4 a video showing a balloon floating low then smashing into a line of trees near the World’s Fair Pavilion. The balloon then stuttered down, into the midst of families and friends watching the show. 

“When it was about 25 feet up we could hear the guy yelling ‘catch us! Catch us!’ And our hearts stopped and we ran as fast as we could,” Boudreau said. “The balloon hit the ground right in front of grass and the basket scrapped along the sidewalk for 10 feet before taking flight again.”

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Organizers said the pilot eventually made a safe landing and no one was injured. About 50 hot air balloons were scheduled to take part in Saturday’s race. 

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