Bond set for accused kidnapper

MOBILE Ala, (WALA) Bond has been set for accused kidnapper Morris Linson Jr. Friday morning in Mobile.

Linson is accused of kidnapping a young woman from Troubadour’s Country Saloon on September 17.  According to testimony from police detectives Linson is caught on video moving his vehicle around the bar’s parking lot, but not leaving.  Detectives also testify that Linson was allegedly seen pulling the victim to his vehicle.  According to further testimony Linson’s vehicle was spotted on the campus of the University of South Alabama where he and the young woman spent 10 to 12 minutes before Linson put her in the bed of another truck.  

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The bond for the kidnapping charge was set at $30,000.  The court ruled that if Linson is able to make bond he will have to wear an ankle monitor.  The date for Linson’s arraignment hearing will be Tuesday September 28.


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