Brothers use front loader to save people from Natoma flooding

NATOMA, Kan. (KWCH) – Heidi and Thad Scott were among Natoma residents who experienced extensive damage from flooding to their home. The damage throughout was added to confusion as water swept possessions to other properties. Through some of the devastation and confusion, there were bright spots, moments of hope and feel-good stories of people coming together. The Scotts played a big role in bringing community members together.

Thad Scott and his brother, Josh saved people from the flooding with the front loader from their company, Scott Services. Doris Schoenberger was among those who was scooped up.

“A tractor came by and picked us up in the scoop,” she said. “That was Josh and Thad Scott and Danny Ellis and Ashen Berger. Yes, they had six older people in the scoop.”

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Schoenberger said it was a community effort that kept everyone safe.

“They got boats out, they got tractors. We were very fortunate to have gotten out of here without ending up on the roof,” she said.

Heidi Scott said it took the whole community coming together to save lives, but she credited her husband for stepping up with resources he had available.

“He has always been my hero, but he just really proved it (Sunday) and all of the town really proved that they all have hero in them,” she said.

Scott and Schoenberger said they’re thankful everyone in town is safe as items can be replaced, but people cannot.

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