Career opportunities in field of writing

Is there any scope to become a writer .. how Can a family earn and live by writing? If the background is not good then it is difficult to sustain in writing. The common belief is that writing is a profession of nobles, while the truth is not.

Anil Ananthaswamy, who turned to writing after working as a software engineer for a decade, says, “The biggest advantage of being a writer is that it improves your concentration. If you are curious about the world, writing helps you to present your reactions in the right way. ”So if you are trying to write, then the symptoms are visible from the beginning of your life.

Possible options

Journalism: As a journalist one can work on many levels, including a columnist, freelance journalist, editor and sub-editor. In addition, there is also the work of a reporter or photojournalist.
Script Writing: This writing option is ideal for those who look at each side of life with curiosity. However, the business side of your written work always needs to be kept in mind. Film writing etc. are also included in this work.

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Copywriting: Advertisers need bold taglines for marketing the product. If you have a good sense of humor and you also find clever dialogue, then copywriting is an ideal profession for you. Money is also good for this work, but the pressure of work is also high.

Corporate Communications: There is room for writers in relatively new fields such as the personal relations industry or corporate communication firms. Corporate communications basically involves organizing the data needed for clients or customers. It involves writing handouts, brochures, press releases, notifications, etc. Image creation is the main focus of corporate communication, so this job is special.

Web Content: With the introduction and fame of the Internet, there has been a huge demand for writers in the work of website content. However, website content writing requires readers to understand that, since long and complex sentences on the monitor are difficult to read and understand, content needs to be streamlined. Since most readers want to understand the content quickly, it is necessary to divide the article into subheadings, bullets, and correct paragraphs.

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Technical / Scientific Writing: There is also a great demand for writers who explain gadgets and their technical features in the most common language and technically savvy writers. In scientific writing, researchers also have to cooperate to write their assessment. This is a very challenging task, as the facts of various scientific studies should not seem contradictory to each other.

Ghost Writing: Ghost Writer brightens his skills by writing for others. This means that the ghost writer writes the facts told by someone else neatly. This work includes biographies of celebrities, memoirs, books, magazines, articles etc.

With the help of a degree in English or Journalism / Mass Communication in the writing field, one also gets a job in this profession. Apart from this, one can enter the writing profession by taking a correspondence course in creative writing. Based on all the above options, starting salary in this area can also be 10 to 20 thousand rupees per month. With experience and hard work, the salary can be much higher.

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It is also important to note that the work is not finished after taking a course in writing. The task of shining your skills is always on. It is very important to maintain curiosity about language, new ways of communicating and learning new words. For this, it is not only necessary to read common writing, but it is more important to read thoughtful writing. It is also important to know about social activities.

If you want to get into the writing field then it requires a lot of commitment and patience. After adopting these qualities, you will see that you have reached the top of your career.

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