Consumers Energy gives water, food to Linden residents without power

Michigan’s top energy providers are still out in full force restoring power to thousands of homes and businesses¬†after they got hit by¬†severe storms earlier this week.

Many mid-Michigan residents are dealing with uprooted trees and damaged homes

Elizabeth Armstead is one of many people who came to the Loose Senior Center in Linden.

“I think this is amazing. This is helping me and my two small kiddos out,” Armstead said.

Consumers Energy gave away water, ice, and pizza at the center to those left without power after severe weather hit the area earlier this week. Armstead said living without electricity has been rough.

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“It’s been really hard. I have a ten-month-old and a four-year-old. They’re very cranky. It’s very hot in the house,” Armstead said.

Michael Phaneuf is also dealing with no power.

“Brings back the younger days of camping. So that’s all it is, is glorified camp. No electric and you know we have a grill, so we survive,” Phaneuf said.

Cars lined up as residents got what they could to help deal with the loss of power that, in some cases, may not return until Monday.

“This here is nice. They come down, get something to eat, and won’t have to bear the heat,” Phaneuf said.

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The people at Consumers Energy said they are glad to help. Rafael Turner is a spokesperson for Consumers Energy.

“It’s just our pleasure to be able to show our appreciation for our customers who have been so patient for us as we’ve dealt with this storm situation,” Turner said.

He said crews are working round the clock to get power restored. In the meantime, Turner is glad Friday’s event gives people something to smile about.

“Oh, it just warms my heart. This is what it’s about. Just being responsible and a good neighbor,” Turner said.

As for Armstead and her kids, they enjoyed the pizza. She is looking forward to better days.

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“I’m just hoping we get power back soon,” Armstead said.


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