Damage to Trump’s reelection warned if new financial aid is not approved

If a new aid package isn’t approved soon, the U.S. economy will continue to plummet, as will the popularity of the president. Donald Trump and his possible reelection.

Although the White House has tried to blame Democrats for failing to reach an agreement on the new stimulus plan, Republicans are reluctant to change conditions to expand the benefit of the breakdown bond and send more aid to the states.

This indicates an analysis of The Hill, is affecting President Trump’s reelection campaign, especially after it took several weeks for Republicans to react on the need for a new plan.

“There is no progress now as fears grow that unemployment, after falling for two months, will increase when the next jobs report is released.”, indicates the report.

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The President of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell –Quotes the report– pointed out that the increase in COVID-19 cases will further affect the economy.

“Economic analysts have emphasized that the path to recovery will largely depend on the trajectory of the virus and the ability to control it, and that federal support is even more necessary due to recent increases,” the report states.

Experts add that the economic reopening is not an indication of its recovery, if there are no jobs.

“Policymakers have had to realize that reopening is not synonymous with recovery,” he said. Isaac Boltansky, investment bank expert Compass Point Research & Trading.

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Damage to the economy affects President Trump in his re-election intentions, being one of its main pillars of the campaign.

Congress has until August 7 to approve in the current session the HEALS Act or any extra financial aid plan.


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