Deputies say squirrel hunting accidental shooting story doesn’t add up

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) — A bizarre story out of a mobile county after a man is shot in the shoulder.  

Police say his story of what happened just doesn’t add up.  

“The complainant said he was goofing around the gun and shot himself while squirrel hunting,” said Captain Paul Burch with the Mobile Sheriff’s Office. 

According to Captain Burch, the victim says he was hunting squirrels at night. And he accidentally shot himself.  

Captain Burch says the man’s story immediately raised red flags.

“When Pressed on trying to find a location and more details on what happened, he became invasive in his answers and just uncooperative. Once he was treated, he didn’t want to talk to law enforcement anymore. He just wanted to get in his car and leave,” Burch said 

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That investigation led deputies near Alabaster court where they searched for any sort of clues.  

Now, they don’t believe anything happened there at all. Captain Burch says that man’s dishonesty was a waste of resources.

“You don’t have all of the details. They’ve tied up the resources of the Mobile Police Department and later tied up the Sheriff’s office resources. We still have to process the vehicle like a crime scene. They wasted a lot of man hours being untruthful and it’s just aggravating,” Burch said.

As of right now, no charges have been filed and a location still hasn’t been found. If anyone has details, please contact the Mobile Sheriff’s Office. 

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