Disadvantages of Coloring your Hair

Hair coloring has become a trend nowadays. People are spending a lot of money to give their hair a new color. But have you ever heard of side effects from hair color? Today we are telling you about the side effects of hair color and dye…

People suffering from shortness of breath should avoid using hair color. A chemical called parasulfate present in it provokes asthma. Apart from this, there are many chemicals in it, which can increase the respiratory problems due to sniffing.

There may also be allergy to hair color and dye. In such a situation, it should not be used without doing patch test. Doing this can cause rash or itching in your body.

Chance of cancer
Signs of cancer were found in the people of hair color in America and Europe, which made it clear that applying color to hair can also cause cancer. Hair dye is prepared by mixing many chemicals, exposure to these chemicals increases the risk of cancer. A research also revealed that women who started using hair dye before 1980 had a 30 percent higher risk of cancer than women who did not apply hair dye.

Hair fall
Hair colors contain ammonia, which is very harmful for our hair. Hair dye starts by getting permanent hair color in the hair. Hair color causes hair weakness.

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Hair growth stop
Chemicals in hair dye cause great damage to hair. These chemicals make it difficult to create new hair. This causes hair loss and baldness to arise.

Eye damage
Coloring hair also affects the eyes. It is believed that the color of the hair reduces the light of the eyes, so the youth should avoid it at all times. Instead, youth should use natural colors.

Nervous system also affects
Using hair color affects your nervous system, which can cause you to forget problems and nervous disorder.

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