Discover the 4 factors that tell you if you have emotional intelligence

There are factors that help determine the degree of our emotional intelligence


The concept of Emotional Intelligence was studied in the 1990s by Peter Salovey and John Mayer, according to what was published in a portal article Psychoactive. This it’s about the ability we have to manage our emotions and feelings, and the ability to understand others.

Being so important in the way we react to the various situations around us, here we will talk about some signs so that you can identify and work on yourself.

1. Perception

To understand emotions you have to perceive them. These are reflected in different ways: verbal, corporal and different expressions. Thus, body language and gestures say a lot about what a person feels. If we are able to perceive it, we will be able to understand it.

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2. Reasoning

Many times we let ourselves be carried away by our emotions; Well, if we develop emotional intelligence, we will be able to think accurately and prioritize what is important to give an adequate reaction to the things that attract our attention.

3. Understand emotions

The emotions that are expressed and those that we perceive can have different meanings, as well as different factors that provoke them. Understanding the reasons or motives that lead people to act in a certain way will help us have a complete picture of the situation.

4. Manage emotions

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However, When we perceive what is happening around us and are able to understand and analyze it, we will be able to effectively manage emotions. In this way, we can give an appropriate response.

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Developing emotional intelligence will help us resolve conflicts, as well as avoid them, and will help us to be more empathetic. Knowing when to respond and how to respond is important to maintain calm and harmony in the different environments in which we operate.

Definitely, emotional intelligence will help maintain the balance between our mental and physical healthIt will help us to be more empathetic and we will be willing to understand each other and resolve conflicts peacefully.



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