Discover the healing power of soursop

Soursop is an exotic fruit with great nutritional and medicinal power. It is considered a good ally in the prevention of diseases and a powerful anti-inflammatory

The soursop is considered one of the more exotic fruits, is highly valued for its fragrant flavor and extraordinary nutritional value. It is native to the tropical areas of Mexico and South America, is also known as graviola and it is the fruit of a tree called Annona muricata that occurs in the tropical areas of America. The truth is that it is an ancient fruit that for many years has been used as a great ally to combat various ailments and diseases.

In recent years as part of the nutrition, health and wellness trends, have come to light a long list of ingredients that are distinguished by their great medicinal potential. Soursop is one of the fruits that higher popularity has won in recent years, is a carrier of a strange look characterized by its peculiar bark with a kind of very striking spikes; however inside there is a white, soft and very sweet pulp, of delicious and unique flavor.

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Among the main characteristics of soursop, its low calorie content (which is due to its high water content) and is a carrier of a unmatched vitamin richness. Her high in vitamin C, of group B, a wonderful contribution in antioxidants and other important compounds such as niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

About the medicinal benefits of soursop:

1. Great antioxidant power

One of the great qualities of the soursop is due to its unmatched contribution of antioxidants, that is why its consumption is related to wonderful benefits for fight free radicals that cause various damage to cells and lead to oxidative stress, both aspects are directly related to the appearance of chronic diseases. Its benefits in preventing degenerative conditions, are due to its high content of plant compounds that act as antioxidants such as luteolin, quercetin and tangeretin.

2. Good ally against cancer

It has been realized some studies that have shown the benefits of soursop for eradicate cancer cells, specifically, the benefits of the soursop extract in reducing the size of tumors, benefits to enhance the elimination of cancer cells and at the same time it is related to a great capacity for strengthen the immune system.

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3. Helps fight bacteria

Soursop is highly valued for its antiparasitic and antibacterial nature, in fact in some rural areas the infusion of soursop leaves It is considered a great natural remedy to clean the intestines and prevent the spread of bacteria that deteriorate health. It is also considered a good complement to eliminate bacteria and fungi that cause oral infectionss, as in the case of gingivitis. At the same time, there are references that prove the benefits of the andsoursop extract against the bacteria responsible for cholera and the Staphylococcus infections.

4. Reduces inflammation

The biochemical components of soursop and his high antioxidant power, are related to large anti-inflammatory properties, that is why to eliminate swelling and pain. It is especially recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, gout, and joint ailments. It is also related to good effects to promote good digestive health and fight the main stomach conditions as is the specific case of heartburn, reflux, bloating, colitis and constipation.

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5. Lowers high blood sugar levels

Soursop is a fruit recommended for regulate blood glucose levels, this is due to your exceptional contribution in antioxidants, its low calorie content and diuretic power. Its high fiber content is very useful for regulate blood sugar levelsas it removes them from the bloodstream. At the same time it is a low glycemic index food and it is also a great help for combat glucose spikes.


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