Do you know what your ideal weight is? Find out with this calculator

Enjoying a healthy weight is one among the foremost effective measures to be healthy, prevent degenerative diseases and an excellent ally to measure longer and better.

It is a reality that we are all curious about being at our “ideal weight” in theory for a aesthetic question, but beyond the apparent maintaining a healthy weight is one among the simplest prevention measures to decrease the danger of suffering a part of the chronic and degenerative diseases. Among which the diabetes, overweight and obesity, heart diseases, strokes , liver, gallbladder, kidney diseases, is that the best thanks to regulate hypertension and a key aspect in self-esteem and a healthy state of mind. to start with it’s important to know that a lot of factors inherit play when it involves put a particular figure on the right weightin large part that’s why they need emerged many myths and truths which is worth dismantling.

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Is there the perfect weight?

The answer is yes and no, various specialists agree that there’s a basic theory which will help us establish a healthy range of weight.; although it’s a rule that tiny objective which doesn’t apply altogether cases especially once we mention athletes (on the topic of muscle mass), this theory says that the perfect is to be inside a BMI (body mass index) of between 19 and 25.

BMI may be a mathematical reason that determines the connection between the weight and height of an individual , and is obtained by dividing the load by the peak squared. it’s an idea that’s widely accepted but not exact, that is, it’s 4 classifications to work out the status of every person: underweight, normal weight range, overweight and obesity, following this parameter the knowledge it releases is accurate and it worksl; however it’s important to notice that not consider aspects like sex, age, percentage of body fat and muscle mass.

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The best tips to succeed in your ideal weight:

Specialists recommend integrating various aspects when it involves establishing of the more accurate way our ideal weight, among the most ones are:

  1. Always consider the share of body fat and therefore the parameters set as healthy consistent with gender: within the case of girls should swing between 18 and 24, while in men between 12 and 18.
  2. Experts means that a well defined body is achieved when women they reach a body fat percentage between 16 and 20, within the case of men between 8 and 10. to live this idea you’ll got to attend a specialist who does it through clinical applications.
  3. Integrate within your basic health actions keep you informed son the home in which your BMI is, it’s an idea that always visits the nutritionist; albeit you’ll catch on very easily yourself. Here an honest and reliable tool for catch on .
  4. Do not obsess and rather prefer to integrate Healthy habits, a balanced feeding and it’s vital doing physical activity, these concepts are determining in getting long-term results.
  5. Check the calories you consume daily, the simplest thanks to control them is to avoid consuming all types of processed foods and fast foods.
  6. Create an inventory of healthy and essential foods To base your diet on them, it’ll be easier to make and plan weekly menus. Consider all types of variants of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins, legumes, nuts, seeds and natural infusions. Limit the consumption of refined flours, sugars and alcohol.
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