Does drinking a lot of milk cause osteoporosis?

The consumption of milk contributes to bone health thanks to its supply of calcium, which may be a valuable mineral for bones. However, there are some doubts a few possible relationship between milk consumption and therefore the development of osteoporosis. Here we’ll solve this question.

Milk and acidification within the blood

Professor Antonio Brotons, in a piece of writing for the portal of the Training Center for Physiotherapy Courses PSOAS, indicates that milk produces acidification within the blood, as does meat and purine derivatives: alcohol, coffee and ordinary tea.

Acidosis produces alterations in serum calcium, phosphorus and potassium. In our body, calcium acts as a buffer against metabolic acidityBut, to hold out this function, it must be faraway from the body’s organs, like the bones.

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In other words, can damage the integrity of the bones, causing a sequence of events that cause their erosion.

Milk consumption stimulates acidification within the blood, and also gastric alkalinity

Gastric alkalinity

In addition to generating acidification, milk also acts as an alkaline within the blood, which hinders the assimilation of calcium within the duodenum.

Calcium that’s not absorbed from the intestinal tract are going to be deposited at the primary site it finds. for instance , calcium can build up within the joints, which can cause bone calcifications referred to as parrot beaks.

How to avoid a calcium deficit?

Milk isn’t the sole source of calcium that exists, there are achievable alternatives to which you’ll choose in order that you are doing not have a deficit for this mineral and harm your health.

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Lower your acid load it’s an option with which you’ll reduce acidification within the blood and stabilize the integrity of your bones. this will be achieved by reducing the intake of acidic foods, like alcohol, coffee, refined flours, ready-made foods, etc.

You can also strengthen your bones through continuous workout , which can also strengthen your muscles.

If you’ve got doubts about milk consumption and its possible relationship with osteoporosisYou can ask a nutritionist to seem for milk alternatives in order that you are doing not lose their nutritional contribution.

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