Drink boldo tea per day after eating to take advantage of its natural healing power

Boldo is one of the most famous medicinal plants in South America. It is attributed great therapeutic power, among which it stands out as a great digestive, purifying and sedative remedy

Today we have at hand all kinds of natural medicinal remedies who are a great ally for combat common ailments and conditions. From the Precolumbian era in Chilean popular medicine the boldo is one of the medicinal plants most valued. The truth is that it is one of the healing herbs most used in all South America, specifically in the center of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and the southern Andean regions of Peru.

Boldo, wild Bold or Peumus boldu is a tree that belongs to the moniaceae family and although there are several ways to benefit from the properties of this tree, the most popular way is use its leaves as a medicinal infusion.

A little about its composition:

The composition of boldo is a nutritional treasure that gives much of its therapeutic power. Among its greatest benefits it stands out for its content in essential oils As the cineol, eucalyptol and the ascaridiolas well as in flavonoids and tannins. His contribution is particularly striking in cineolwhich is the substance responsible for give it its lemon scent and it confers great sedative and expectorant properties. The other oils are related to their anti-inflammatory and carminative qualities, is therefore a popular natural remedy for digestion.

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Also its content in flavonoids it turns out great ally of the cardiovascular system and is useful in preventing heart diseases. The tannins that are present in the bark of boldo are valued for their exceptional antioxidant content.

Another genius that makes the composition of boldo unique is its alkaloid content as is the case of a substance called boldine. This compound stands out for its wonderful diuretic qualities, which promote elimination of retained fluids and toxins in the body.

The medicinal properties of boldo:

1. Powerful digestive agent

Boldo is one of the medicinal plants most used in herbalism to treat all kinds of digestive ailments. The truth is that the boldo infusion is a great stomach protector this is due to its content in the cineole essential oil, which is related to great benefits to decrease stomach upset such as heavy digestions, inflammation, excess gases and colic. It is also a useful remedy for combat constipation.

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2. Great ally of the liver system

Boldo infusion is probably one of the most famous natural remedies for improve liver function. This is due to its content in a alkaloid called boldina which has the peculiarity of stimulate the functioning of the gallbladder and Helps cleanse the liver of fats and toxins. Boldo consumption has the ability to change the chemical composition of bile, is therefore a plant with properties for prevent the formation of gallstones.

3. Diuretic and depurative

The composition of boldo is a great complement to promote the elimination of retained liquids, toxins and waste substances lodged in the organism. The consumption of boldo tea is an essential complement in various weight loss plans, is considered a great ally for speed up metabolism and promote fat burning.

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4. Against insomnia

Boldo is characterized by its sedative and calming properties, is therefore a valuable ally to combat various sleep disorders. It stands out for its ability to act on the nervous system, helps relax the body and muscles, drinking a boldo infusion before bed is a popular remedy against insomnia.

5. Fight colds

Boldo is related to various benefits to improve symptoms caused by colds, flu, cough and all kinds of respiratory tract conditions. This is due to their analgesic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties that relate to its content in cineole essential oil, which is related to benefits for decongest the chest.



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