Essential foods to keep muscle mass in quarantine

A drastic decrease in muscle mass results in exhaustion and lack of energy. There are powerful medicinal foods rich in protein that you can integrate into your confinement basics and that will be of great help

The days of confinement considerably increase sedentary lifestyle in society and is that the routine change, the restriction of being able to go out to some gym or class for physical activity, the work at home and one unbalanced diet they are factors that intervene negatively in some conditions. Among the most common is the weight gain, sleep disorders, mood disturbances and loss of muscle mass.

It is interesting to know that the condition of the muscle mass intervenes that several important aspects in our state of health, beyond the relevance they have given it in sports issues; muscle mass prevents injuries, ailments and illnesses. Also when we actually lose muscle mass we are losing health, strength and energy.

Another of the most important aspects when we talk about muscle mass and its relationship with health that enjoy greater muscle mass is directly related to the metabolism basedl, this is because it involves a increased energy consumption and thanks to this, it intervenes positively in decrease overweight. Being a good ally for body weight, it is considered an important aspect in obesity prevention and degenerative diseases, especially those of the type cardiovascular. Not surprisingly, various doctors agree to integrate the muscle mass concept as a new vital sign, which throws key information on the health status of patients. If you have felt with low energy and some weakness during confinement days, the good news is that through the consumption of correct foods especially those that guarantee the correct protein intake, you can avoid this deterioration in muscle mass.

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The essential foods to strengthen muscle mass:

1 egg

The egg is considered one of the most consumed, rich and versatile foodsIf they exist, this is due to their great nutritional contribution which stands out for its unmatched high biological value protein content, this means that they contain all the essential amino acids that the body needs. At the same time they are a complete and satisfying food with low calories (a medium piece contains 80 calories), thanks to this they are a good ally to lose weight. Consume two pieces a day It is perfect for keeping muscle mass strong.

Egg./Photo: Pxhere

2. Pulses

The legume family is popular for its extraordinary vegetable protein content, among the most valuable are chickpeas, beans and lentils. At the same time they are foods that stand out for their high fiber content, its satiating power and his low contribution in calories. An important recommendation is mix them with other food groups to get the tofourteen contribution in essential amino acidsFor example: a good dish of beans with rice is the perfect biological complement to enjoy a good supply of protein. Another quality of legumes is that they are distinguished by their mineral wealth, Specially in magnesium than promotes muscle function and prevents cramps.

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Vegetarian Food
Chickpea salad./Photo: Shutterstock

3. Chicken and turkey

White and lean meats They’re a magnificent source of protein than help us to gain muscle and decrease the intake of red meat, because of this its consumption represents a good and healthy way to provide the body with the proteins it needs. Specialists recommend creating our diet of the week based on a balance between the different groups of proteins that exist, that is to say alternate the consumption of legumes, white meats, fish, eggs and proteins of plant origin, is about seek versatility in colors, flavors and nutrients as we do with fruits and vegetables.

Grilled chicken. / Photo: Courtesy

4. Dairy

Dairy is one valuable source of animal protein, although they are not the most complete contribution, their consumption is a good ally for supplement the recommended intake per day. a good recommendation is to choose those low fat or skim variants, are a extraordinary option thanks to its versatility that is why they can be considered as a good item in any meal of the day. At the same time they contain vitamins and minerals important, such as the calcium key agent for maintaining healthy bones and muscles; the best recommendations are dairy products like milk and cottage cheese which stands out for its content in casein, a slow absorbing protein.

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dairy products
Dairy products. / Photo: Shutterstock

5. Peanuts

Virtually everyone has come to think that peanuts belong to the family of nuts, however this is false since we often forget that they are legumes and thanks to this they are quite rich in vegetable proteins. It’s about a caloric food and full of energy, it is versatile and We can integrate it into food in numerous ways: how Complement of a good bowl of oatmeal, in the form of peanut butter, like a healthy snackIn salads and stews, try to combine them with cereals to achieve a complete protein. They are also rich in magnesior, mineral that helps maintain the good muscle tone and avoid injury.

Peanut./Credit: Pxhere

6. Soy

Soy is one of the oldest and most popular sources of plant proteinnot for nothing is one of the most basic ingredients of the vegetarian food. One of his great goodness is that it contains all essential amino acids that the body needs and is a extraordinary source of vitamins and minerals, that is why its consumption helps fight various degenerative diseases. Soy is an extremely versatile ingredient that is used in various ways such as in vegetable milk, tofu, seitan and as a legume.

Soy and milk. / Photo: Pxhere



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