How a Vegetarian Diet Can Help You Eliminate Chronic Medications

A wonderful lesson that teaches us the possibility of changing habits at any stage of life and the powerful impact of following a plant-based diet

Learn about the inspiring story of Josephine Spagnero and her start on the vegetarian diet.

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We all want to live longer and prevent possible future diseasesor, that is why today we have at hand all kinds health and wellness trends what do they have like main objective to live healthier. The truth is change habits it is a challenge for anyone, regardless of the stage of life in which they are.

Such is the case of inspiring story of 97 year old Josephine Spagnero, who broke down any barrier and managed to change his lifestyle to a plant-based diet, today affirms the immense medicinal benefits you have experienced. After 5 weeks of basing your diet on the consumption of plant-based foods, was able to stop all medications that he used regularly and start walking up to three miles per day.

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Today Josephine’s story has turned the world, firstly because it was presented by Chuck Carroll, host of The Exam Room Podcast (produced by The Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine) in Monday’s episode, called It’s Never Too Late to Go Vegan. In the interview Carroll had the opportunity to speak with Eric O’Grey Josephine’s son-in-law, who released all the details about how at 97-year-old Josephine managed to make this important change.

After 30 years of living alone, Josephine Spagnero who just turned 97 years old He moved in with his daughter and son-in-law. For decades it depended entirely on the intake of medications to control type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, largely derived from these conditions the life of Josephine became increasingly sedentary. Consequently lcirculation in your legs and feet deteriorated to such a degree that walking seemed like a impossible activity.

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Both his daughter and son-in-law they were concerned about Josephine’s quality of life and being vegan they convinced her to try starting with a plant-based diet and whole foods. And that was exactly when things started to improve. O’Grey points out that it was not easy to convince Josephine Until he saw the wonderful effects this type of diet had on his health, he was initially concerned stop eating dairy and meat altogether, however his desire to stop taking medications (how many side effects they caused) they were stronger.

Five weeks later After starting a plant-based diet, Josephine saw her GP and underwent a complete blood study, when seeing the results he was simply speechless. The transformation was so amazing that everyone markers for measuring glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and all those health basics, they returned to normal.

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Seeing such progress, his doctor decided completely remove all medications (for diabetes, blood pressure and everything else). Today it carries 11 months drug free and feels happier than ever. Thanks to changes in their diet and lifestyle Josephine started enjoying family walks, improving her mood, and today it can travel up to 5 km.

Without a doubt one emotional and inspiring story what checks the powerful impact of a plant-based diet can have in any stage of life. Now you know, it is never too late to make in-depth changes that help you live better, longer and gain health.



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