How to keep fresh cheese for much longer?

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He cheese it is, for many people, a necessary food in the daily diet. In addition to the great variety that exists, this food is rich in calcium and other nutrients. However, if it is not cared for well, it may be damaged. So how can we keep it fresh? Here we tell you.

Moisture, your worst enemy

Many types of cheese give off a liquid, serum. This liquid can cause the cheese to rot or smell bad.. In addition, if we keep it in the fridge in a bag or a container, it can also generate a bad smell and gradually become damaged.

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According to an article published in The Herald of Mexico, humidity is directly related to the production and growth of fungi, which make the fresh cheese stop being and begin to decompose, or rot.

That is why it is necessary to store it in a place where humidity does not affect it. Now, cheese is usually kept in the fridge, and we might think that the cold can prevent it from being damaged and preserved. But, remember that the serum that it gives off can contribute to its decomposition.

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How to preserve fresh cheese

It is very simple. Instead of storing it in a cup or a plastic bag, as is usually done, you have to take kitchen paper, preferably absorbent, and a cup with a lid that closes hermetically.

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Next you must wrap the cheese in the paper. You may require more than one. Make sure it is completely wrapped. Put the cheese in the cup and close. You must make sure that the lid is tightly closed so that the water does not enter.

The purpose of the paper is to absorb the whey that comes off the cheese, as well as other liquids that may get in. That is why a container that closes hermetically is important. Thus, the fresh cheese will keep for a long time and thus you will consume a product healthy.


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