IRS already released this Wednesday, April 7, some 24 million direct deposit stimulus checks | The opinion

As of today, some 24 million more recipients of the third stimulus check can freely dispose of the funds.

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Millions of recipients of the third stimulus check of $ 1,400 can now freely dispose of the funds after the morning of this wednesday, april 7, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Treasury Department, Nacha and the banks officially release direct deposits with money that previously appeared pending or provisional.

Today is the official payment date for the new batch of shipments of the third round under the “American Rescue Plan,” the IRS confirmed in a statement on its website.

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In a statement last week, the agency said it was processing 4 million payments in this wave.. However, in the new entry on, the agency notes that shipments of this batch amount to 25 million payments, most by direct deposit.

“In total, this fourth batch of payments contains 24 million direct deposits (with a total value of more than $ 33,000 million) and more than 1 million paper checks (for a total value of about $ 3,000 million)”, read the office statement.

The procedure to distribute the lots begins on Fridays when the entity starts the deposit process. Each transfer that begins on Friday will be available for use by beneficiaries on Wednesday of the following week.

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The containers of the two previous large batches, March 17 and 24, they were able to access the money at about 9 am The above were the dates selected by the IRS and the Treasury Department for the transaction to take effect.

In the case of Americans who will receive the money by mail as a paper check, the authorities have not specified possible arrival dates.

This new batch will benefit recipients of programs such as Social Security that do not file taxes, and the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB); as well as people who are not required to file taxes, but who did it for the first time this year to claim the stimulus check.

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Also, as part of this shipment, the IRS processed additional payments for taxpayers who received an underpayment in early March because the agency evaluated the 2019 tax return and then had to make an adjustment in the amount because it received the 2020 return.

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