‘It’s a serious problem’: Second sinkhole forms on Marietta property

MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) — A Marietta woman is still trying to figure out how to fix a 30-35 foot sinkhole on her property and now a second one has formed.

“It must have opened up yesterday,” said Marian Tiller-Chancellor. She says she noticed the area where the second one is, gradually sinking in. “When I seen the first hole, I noticed that was a little unleveled right there.”


Tiller-Chancellor also says there used to be a creek on the property. “It’s just going in line of the creek, that’s all I can say. It’s not moving up towards the house.”


A representative from the city of Marietta tells us since the holes are on private property, they can’t fix them.

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“That’s their technicality on getting out of it,” said Tiller-Chancellor in an interview with us Wednesday morning.


We spoke with Jonathan Hicks, an engineer with JVG Civil Engineering. “There are many different reasons for a sinkhole in the metro area.”


He says they come across sinkholes in the metro Atlanta area several times a month and typically they have manmade causes.


They pose not only a threat to you but your whole property.


“It’s a serious problem that should be addressed. I would say it’s something you would want to know about if you were buying a new property,” said Hicks. “It could undermine the foundations of a house or the driveway or some other part of the property. It could create a dangerous situation. Somebody could fall into a hole if it’s big enough. It could create erosion problems for your downstream neighbors.”

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