Jennifer Lopez diet, what does she eat to look like this?

Beautiful, healthy and strong. This is what Jennifer Lopez looks like at 51 years old. How? It is not a miracle of nature. It is an intense and daily work, which combines what is universally recommended to achieve a body-mind balance: having a healthy and personalized diet, and an exercise routine that strengthens, accompanies the intensity of life, shapes and maintains the body. aloft.

JLo’s diet is based, as the actress and singer explained to Oprah magazine, on foods that are powerful nutrients. It’s unusual that one of your meals is missing: salmon, sardines, kale, egg yolk, a potato, blueberries or dark chocolate, and Greek yogurt.

JLo decided long ago that water was her holy drink. Caffeine and alcohol consumption has been very restricted.

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Your meals never exceed 1,200-1,400 calories.

She also tends to challenge herself for 10 days at a time: 10 days without carbohydrates, 10 days without sugar.

This shows something that experts repeat every time you seriously talk about a diet, it is key to have the will and spirit to follow a routine, and especially not to have relapses.

Lopez trains every day, and for the first 30 minutes she performs cardiovascular activity, which consists of high intensity aerobic work based on dance. Then you do resistance exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles, with many repetitions using your body weight.

The following are the 10 commandments of JLo’s routine:

  1. Eat 100% organic food
  2. Drink water constantly, there is no place in the house, the car or the gym that does not have a natural water supply.
  3. Avoid processed or packaged foods
  4. Follow the food pyramid strictly, and it goes further, 70-80% vegetables and the rest lean white meats.
  5. In multiple interviews, the actress and singer has said that she tries to maintain a balance between her diet, her fitness routine, and also indulging herself, as rewards for working hard on her body and figure.
  6. If you eat in a restaurant, try to respect your own effort, eating healthy food.
  7. Dance while you cook, a fun way to cut calories.
  8. Respect the four meals: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.
  9. Train every day of the week, by herself or with a coach.
  10. You are not ashamed to perspire. For Lopez, sweat is a sign of effort.
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