Learn about the main types of healing stones

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The healing stones They have been used since ancient times, and although they do not have a solid scientific basis, many experts recognize a placebo effect in their use. Here we will talk a little more about them.


According to a portal article Better with Health, quartz is used for the body to regenerate itself and recover from certain diseases. Alternative medicine indicates that wearing a quartz around your neck helps you recover from illness or surgery and contributes to strengthening the immune system.


According to the tradition of healing stones, jade may have benefits on the bladder, kidneys and eyes. In this way, cultures such as the Aztec considered jade as a stone with the ability to heal kidney diseases. Other diseases that help to heal are neuralgia, infertility, migraines, colic, jaundice, among others.

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The appearance of this stone is a red-brown color. According to gem therapy, relieves menstruation pain. On the other hand, it is believed to have positive effects on the spinal column and treat liver conditions, infections, nausea, among others.

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Agate can be found in various colors. Among many of its properties are the improve digestive problems and help balance emotions. The benefits may vary according to the color of the stone.

In this sense, the yellow agate It helps to relax the nervous system and maintains emotional balance. Blue, on the other hand, influences serenity, perseverance and improves intuition.

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The brown stone increases overall energy, while fiery color enhances sexual energy; green agate influences the heart, liver and gallbladder.

Although it is recommended to use healing stones to relax and achieve some peace and tranquility, and although beneficial properties are attributed to it, it is necessary to go to the doctor if any health mishap arises.



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