List of future social media trends emerges, worries Cherokee County school officials

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) — The dangerous and destructive social media trends might not end anytime soon.

A list of new challenges, one per month, has emerged. Now school officials all across the country are keeping an eye out for bad and illegal behavior. 


“It’s crazy and weird,” said one student at Cherokee High School who tells us she has seen social media trends like the “devious lick” challenge at her school.


Another student tells us she has seen damage to school bathrooms. “I just see a bunch of reckless challenges in general.”


CBS46 found the list posted to several places on different social media platforms. It says things like “smack a staff member on the backside” and “mess up school signs.”

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Students at Cherokee High School tell us school officials are sending out strong messages to students. “They started talking to everyone that if they start doing that they will get in trouble.”


The worries come just weeks after the “devious lick” challenge circulated on TikTok. It showed videos of students destroying or stealing property at different schools across the country.


With September coming to a close, district officials are concerned with what could come next.


In a statement to CBS 46, Cherokee County Schools said;


Like numerous schools across the nation, several Cherokee County School District schools have been affected by the TikTok school theft/vandalism “challenge,” and we are aware of lists of other possible future “challenges” being circulated on social media.  Our schools earlier this month experienced damage to and/or theft of bathroom soap and toilet paper dispensers, ceiling tiles, teachers’ classroom supplies, etc.  CCSD Principals have reminded parents/students of the consequences of code of conduct violations and have warned that the District will handle such matters both disciplinarily and criminally through prosecution.


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Other districts like DeKalb County Schools, Fulton and Cobb say they are watching out for future “challenges” that pop up.


In a statement to us, a Tik Tok spokesperson said; 


We are hearing of offline teen dares being suggested as future ‘TikTok challenges’ and want to be crystal clear: dangerous challenges and illegal behavior are not allowed on our platform and will be removed. We expect teens to use common courtesy both online and IRL, and we’re committed to helping support messages about being good digital stewards.


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