Mosquito-borne diseases has threaten World

Every year on rainy days, due to mosquito infestation, a large number of townspeople fall prey to dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Despite all the campaigns of the Municipal Corporation to combat mosquitoes, cases of mosquito-borne diseases are coming up every year.

Aedes mosquito bites cause dengue fever. It thrives in clean water. The day bites instead of the night. It is the carrier of a virus called ‘dengue’. When it bites someone, it transmits the virus to its body. If not treated on time, then death can also occur.

Sprayed in millions of homes every year
To prevent mosquito-borne diseases, the Patna Municipal Corporation sprinkles mosquito-repellent medicines in homes every year. Nevertheless, mosquito-borne diseases disturb the residents throughout the year.

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Rainy season
There are thousands of mosquito species worldwide, some of which are very harmful. Male mosquitoes suck the juice of pollen (plants), while female mosquitoes suck human blood for their nutrition. This can cause fatal death in humans. The rainy season is favorable for mosquitoes to thrive and many diseases.

Deadly mosquitoes thrive in these places

Empty drum tire
Empty the water drums once a week and dry it. Keep old tires at home Mosquitoes flourish in them due to the collection of water.

In the house cooler
Clean the cooler once a week. If cleaning is not possible, then add petrol or kerosene to it.

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In pots
Do not allow water to accumulate in the house pots and waste pots. If water accumulates, clean every week.

In the toilets
Keep the toilets clean. Let the water collect there. Also clean the pipes periodically

In the water tub and tank
Mosquitoes often breed on the roof or water tank in the house. Clean the tank once a week. Always keep it well closed. Similarly, do not allow water to collect in the tub.

Wear a mosquito net at bedtime ‘Wear clothes that cover the entire body and use mosquito repellents, contact your doctor immediately if symptoms of malaria or dengue occur, keep clean indoors. Do not let dirty water collect around.

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