Poison pen letter: Local doctor threatened over stance on masks, vaccination

A local ear, nose and throat specialist is receiving hate mail for what he believes is related to his stance regarding coronavirus vaccines.

“Somehow they think that this is an intrusion of the American way of life by somebody that’s not American,” Bobby Mukkamala said.

A hate filled letter saying things like “go back to India” and “you behave like a dictator” was received by the Flint area doctor over his stance on masking.

“There’s a lot of people unfortunately that’s still denied for whatever reason that covid is a serious illness,” Mukkamala said.

Mukkamala is pro-mask and pro-vaccine, and he believes that’s why he’s was a target.

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“There’s a lot of people out there that think that. And a lot of them are in that group that are against masking. And I think that they probably looked at me as being counter to that narrative and see me as a spreader of the miss information in their eyes,” Mukkamala said.

The letter addressed to the Flint doctor said that Mukkamla came from a dictatorship and came to America to have freedom, and his support of masks makes him a dictator, but he said none of those statements are true.

“It’s foolish that they look at the color of my skin and they assume that I am from elsewhere,” Mukkamala said.

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There a lot of things wrong with someone sending this letter according to Mukkamla, with someone assuming they knew where he was from, how another country was ran, and that masks are causing undue harm to kids.

Mukkamala said his stances on covid prevention are based on science. He said he was born and raised in the US, and while he is of Indian descent he wasn’t born there.

He’s also quick to point out India is actually the world’s largest democracy.

“But in the note, it said I came from a land of dictatorship. And then I came here for freedom. I was born in Pittsburgh and I was raised in flint,” Mukkamala said.

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