Solar eclipse and Eye health

Solar Eclipse. A view lasting a few minutes. Religious for a lot of people. Scientific for some people. There are so many stories behind this one view. The stories are good but not true. Talking about weighing, there is a kilo of falsehood with this Paserai event and fear of a quintal. It is about science, science is a weapon. Science is just this –

I would explain this science a little more by explaining it. But you will get it easily. Now we will talk about an instruction related to solar eclipse.

The sun should not be seen during the solar eclipse.

By the way, in eclipse we are scared of many ant-shunt things, but there is truth in this matter. And behind this truth is science.In this article, we will tell what is the problem of seeing the sun during a solar eclipse?

Why do not the sun show its eyes?
The problem is not in the eclipse, but in the sun. Whether or not there is an eclipse, the sun should not be seen directly. Why should it not be seen? The sun is 150 million kilometers away from us. How can he harm our eyes from so far?

Bachchan Yadav has a well-known dialogue in the film Gangajal. It is okay to understand, otherwise it was not for you. 

1. Magnifying Glass

You must have seen magnifying glass at one time or another. The glass with which small things look big when seen. Khorapati children set fire to the newspaper with this glass. How does this glass ignite? Fire is caused by sunlight.

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Magnifying glass is a lens. This lens focuses the rays coming from the sun in one place. Normally, the sun does not fire on any paper. Because those rays are scattered all over the paper. But when the same rays gather at one place from the lens, then there is heat to be set on fire. There is an old saying – there is power in unity.

2. eye diagram

See the eye diagram in the book of biology. Not to see everything, just look at two parts – the lens and the retina. The light inside our eye goes through the lens. The lens of your eye is about 4 times more powerful than the magnifying glass lens. This is the same magnifying glass fire game and the paper burning in this game is retina. What is this retina?

In the book of biology, many people used to leave. If you do not remember the retina and lens after reading this article, consider it meaningless. 
In the book of biology, many people used to leave. If you do not remember the retina and lens after reading this article, consider it meaningless. 
The retina is a curtain of theater. Light comes from the film projector in the theater and the film plays on a screen. Similarly, your eye is also a theater. Here the light that comes from the lens makes the whole picture on the retina. Our brain takes the final picture from the retina itself.

These were only two things to know – magnifying glass and eye diagram. Now there are things to think and learn.

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The lesson is that if we look at the direct sun, the lens of our eyes will focus the light on the retina. This light can damage the retina. And this damage is named – Solar Ratinopathy.

Looking at the direct sun without blinking an eyelid is not an act of bravery but foolishness.Let us understand so much that it is dangerous to see the sun. Then what is special about the eclipse sun. Why is it warned separately that the sun with the solar eclipse should not be seen.

Eclipse sun
The biggest reason is – anxiety. Yes! People are intrigued to see the eclipse sun. One can hardly see the sun on a normal day. Or even if someone sees, you have to remove the eyes due to glare. There is less chance to see the eclipse sun. And there is a different motivation to see rare things. If not warned, people will spoil their eyes by looking at the sun at this time.

There is one more thing about the eclipse sun. Our eyes judge the eclipse sun differently.

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You must have heard about the pupil of the eye. The pupil of the eye is just before the lens and it spreads and shrinks. If more light goes in than the eyes, then the pupil shrinks. So that less light goes in and there is no retinal damage.

The eclipse sun brings less light than the normal sun. Our pupils do not shrink as much as they should. We also blink the eyelids less. And a lot of light coming from the sun damages the retina inside and damages it.

Overnight eye annihilation
Most people are not completely blind from seeing the sun. His central vision gets spoiled. Central vision means central vision. The most important part of our vision – on which we are able to focus. Can read Can drive You can clearly see the faces of people.

Directly looking at the sun, the cells of our retina are damaged. And it is not necessary that these cells are damaged immediately. Suppose someone saw the eclipse in the day. Maybe his cells continue to function until some time after the damage. But when they go to sleep at night, then these cells will give up their work. Many cells die overnight. And the next day that person will not even see his face in the mirror.

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