Southampton farm donating Christmas trees to those in need

SOUTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) — A local farm is donating Christmas trees to anyone who may be in need last minute.

“It means a lot to me…I didn’t have the income to buy a tree this year,” said Tammy Hubbard.

Hubbard and her granddaughter rejoiced as they picked up their Christmas tree Tuesday morning from the Pine Hill Farm in Southampton. She told Western Mass News this year, her family faced many financial hardships amid the coronavirus pandemic and was unable to buy a real tree.

The local farm closed shop last weekend, but decided to donate remaining trees to anyone who was in need.

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“They’re great people. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have one this year for my granddaughters. That’s what I do it for,” Hubbard noted.

The owners, Nicole Touchette and Sabrina Labombard, told Western Mass News they saw a need in the community and took their plans to social media to get the word out.

Western Mass News photo

“So we decided, you know let’s reach out…it’s been a tough year.  There’s so many people that probably couldn’t get one,” said Touchette and 

So far, 11 trees have been picked up. Labombard said they are thankful to be able to bring local families some joy this holiday season.

“It’s just so sweet because like every little kid deserves that and just to see them happy is amazing,” Labombard added.

If you are not need of a full tree, there are other smaller festive options you can pick-up.

“So we have some tabletop trees that are only a couple feet tall, so we still have a few of those and we also have two wreaths left,” Touchette said.

The trees can be picked up right up until Christmas day.

“As long as people are coming, as long as we have the trees left, all they have to do is message us on Facebook,” Touchette explained.


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