State bond checks to Florida teachers rejected for “insufficient funds”

Florida Teacher Aid Checks Missed Fund by Mistake.

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Governor Ron DeSantis offered bonuses to Florida state teachers, principals and first responders as part of the financial aid awarded by the federal government. Nevertheless, At least a dozen beneficiaries, after receiving and an attempt to cash those checks, were returned due to “insufficient funds.”

The news reached social media when Senator Jason Pizzo asked directly on his official Twitter account if “any Florida teachers had problems cashing their check.”

Out of 176,000 payments issued, a small number of beneficiaries were affectedHowever, it was striking that the response given by the bank was insufficient funds. For which it was necessary on the part of the local government to clarify the situation.

Shortly after Pizzo’s tweet, it was clarified that the problem was not a lack of funds on the part of the government but a “banking error” by JP Morgan.

Florida Department of Education spokesman Jared Ochds said that in 22 counties at least 50 teachers were victims of the error and were unable to cash their check.

Once the problem and the affected teachers had been identified, Ochds assured that the Florida government was already working together with the bank to solve the error. For her part, Allison Tobin Reed of JP Morgan communications, offered apology for the inconvenience caused and emphasized that the bank will take care of any additional expenses that the beneficiaries have had due to the “returned check.”

The error was criticized by the Democratic representative of Tampa, Fentrice Driskel, who claimed that the state governor did not report the error prior to the publication of Senator Pizzo’s denunciation tweet.

“For me, it’s embarrassing to see a state check bounce with the governor’s signature. It’s embarrassing, ”Driskel emphasized.

It is not yet clear how and when the affected teachers will receive their $ 1,000 bonus again. Bonus which by the way was criticized by some Florida state taxpayers.

Ultimately, Senator Jason Pizzo emphasized that all of this made it clear that the direct deposit option was the “most fiscally responsible” for aid programs.

“Teaching Moment: The individual political gain in spending $ 3.6 million to print and send thousands of checks with your name is outweighed by the more efficient and fiscally responsible direct deposit option,” said Pizzo.

For these individual bonuses, the state paid a private contractor $ 3.6 million to print and mail the checks. So DeSantis was pointed out by some legislators of trying to “score political points” with these bonuses.

Apparently, the “error” in those checks occurred only with the beneficiaries of the Department of Education, This is not the case with first responders, according to the Florida governor.


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