There is still a deadline to enroll in the “Emergency Broadband Benefit”, the financial assistance program to pay for the internet

You can still apply for the Broadband Emergency Plan for poor families.

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The “Emergency Broadband Benefit” is a federal financial aid program that offers a temporary discount on monthly broadband bills for low-income households. that meet the requirements. The program has just been launched two months ago and there is still time to subscribe.

It was learned that so far the Federal Communications Commission still has millions of dollars to continue helping other families, especially Hispanic families.

So far the spending is almost $ 35 million, but the amount of $ 3 billion is still available. To find out if you are eligible to receive this benefit, the first thing you should do is the qualification test and once you get the result, then you apply.

How to know if you are eligible to receive this help

  • You are entitled to the Emergency Broadband Benefit if you have an income equal to or less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • If you are a Lifeline beneficiary for participating in programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Assistance for Public Housing or Veterans Pension Benefit.
  • If you are a beneficiary of any program created to help the families of natives or any program that is granted to the Indigenous Reserves.
  • If you had a substantial loss of income since February 29, 2020.
  • IF you lost your job or are on work leave.
  • If you had a total household income in 2020 equal to or less than $ 99,000 for single taxpayers and $ 198,000 for taxpayers filing as a couple.
  • You are eligible if you receive the federal Pell grant or if you are in one of the school breakfast programs.

After submitting an application to receive this benefit, you must wait for the results to be announced. If the application is submitted online, You may receive immediate approval immediately.

In the event that automatic eligibility is not possible, additional information and documentation may be requested.

The grants range from discounts of $ 50 per month, or discounts of up to $ 100 dollars for the purchase of electronic equipment that the family needs to connect to the internet.

This Emergency Broadband program will come to an end once funds are completely exhausted or six months after the COVID-19 pandemic is declared as terminated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Whichever of the two options comes first.

Once the program ends, each household will be responsible for deciding if they want to continue receiving the Broadband service, and the billing will have the monthly rate according to each internet service provider.


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