Watch Now: Tulsa construction firm hosts Make a Wish 4-year-old with a passion for concrete

With each step, he checked off his list of “big jobs to-do.”

Then it was demo-time: Hutcherson has a 4-year-old son of his own, so he knew his 7-year-old daughter’s toy ride-on car would make a great target for Benjamin’s time on the excavator.

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“It went like this,” Benjamin later recounted, using a toy excavator to demonstrate the crushing of the play car; voicing the sounds of destruction.

“It was broken,” Hutcherson said of his daughter’s toy, shrugging.

Tulsa firefighters arrived as a surprise after a Chick-Fil-A lunch — Benjamin’s favorite — and took the family on a ride around the parking lot. Benjamin grinned as he honked the horn, catching a couple spectators by surprise.

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Benjamin achieved remission from cancer in April of 2020 after battling it for most of 2019, but mid-pandemic, there really wasn’t any time for a cancer-free celebration, said his mother, Megan Brister.

Friday was that day, Brister said, to celebrate the health of her boy who has been through so much.

“I know that Ben is really tough,” Brister said. “All the finger pokes and IVs and chemotherapy he had to get, I mean, he did it with no complaints; he just did it. He was a pretty strong kiddo while in the hospital, and even now; he’s got kidney disease now from chemotherapy, and he takes medicine twice a day for that with almost no complaining.”

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