Weight loss remedies: Powerful infusion of green tea, cloves and cinnamon

It takes the benefits of drinking green tea to another level, integrating two spices with great medicinal power. Lose weight, burn fat and accelerate metabolism

Green tea It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, not for nothing is it considered the healthiest on the planet. Is a nutritional treasure that is associated with an extraordinary contribution in antioxidants and nutrients that give you a long list of therapeutic properties.

Among the most outstanding benefits of green tea consumption and backed by science they find each other positive effects to improve brain and cognitive function, benefits weight loss and fat burning, stimulates the digestive process, boosts intestinal health, fights free radicals and protects us from aging.

The truth is all the good of nature is in a simple comforting cup of tea. If it is part of your daily life, the good news is that there are delicious natural alternatives to enhance their qualities; especially those related to weightloss.

About the benefits of green tea for weight loss:

One of the most popular properties of green tea is related to its power to empower weight loss. Among its main benefits is its high in antioxidants and catechins that give it wonderful detox qualities, it is therefore an extraordinary drink for eliminate fluid retention and toxins (considered one of the main causes of overweight). Thanks to this, it is considered a great ally for fight inflammation and bloating, it is ideal for eliminate that belly fat.

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It has scientific references and official studies that endorse the green tea benefits for accelerate metabolic rate and specifically, its power to stimulate fat burning has been proven. At the same time it is a drink with a zero calorie intake, provides satiety and helps fight anxiety to eat.

Take your benefits to another level:

it’s possible enhance the qualities of green tea to make the weightloss, all you have to do is add two spices of wonderful therapeutic potential: cloves and cinnamon. The combination of these three powerful ingredients medicinal it’s pure gold for lose weight naturally.

The cinnamon is one of the healing spices valued today, it is warm, aromatic and full of healing benefits. Their essential compounds they are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, at the same time its benefits have been proven to promote weight loss. This is due to its thermogenic power than stimulates metabolism and which is related to their ability to reduce fat cells. On the other hand cinnamon is rich in a compound called chromium, which is related to great qualities to decrease appetite. It is also rich in minerals that promote body detoxification process and is associated with benefits for regulating blood glucose levels.

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Cloves are another success when it comes to losing weight, although they are a popularly known spice for its culinary uses; they are a treasure that houses large medicinal benefits. They stand out for their exceptional contribution in antioxidants, thanks to this they are the perfect complement to combat the presence of free radicals and they are also considered a wonder for strengthen the immune system. Within its unique nutritional composition, its content in a substance called eugenol, which is related to positive effects for improve digestion and elimination of waste; key aspects to ensure weight loss.

How to prepare the infusion?


  • 2 teaspoons of green tea
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 3 cloves
  • 1.5 cups of purified water
  • Raw honey to taste
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Preparation mode:

  1. In a small saucepan add the water and bring to a boil. When it reaches the first boil add the cinnamon stick and cloves. Put out the fire.
  2. Add the green tea, allow the ingredients to infuse and release their properties for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Strain the tea into a cup and if you wish, add a teaspoon of honey.
  4. Consume a cup on an empty stomach and another before bed, in addition to a low-calorie and balanced diet.


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