What a glass of beet juice can do for your health

Drinking beet juice is a powerful morning remedy that is associated with unmatched therapeutic power

Beet juice is a great ally to regulate blood pressure, fight anemia, nutritional deficiencies

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The trends of food and medicinal nutrition They are one of the most popular health tools today. Within them is play therapy method that every day gains more followers and focuses on the systematic intake of fruit and vegetable juices in order to prevent or cure various ailments and health problems.

Among the most popular variants is beet juice which has become an important element in various streams of herbalism and phytotherapy, this is due to its unique combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that relate to a long list of properties for health.

The truth is that with beets there are no medium inks: love them or hate them. It is a sweet, bulbous root which in recent years has risen to the superfood category and this in a way has opened the door to various studies and research papers in which its therapeutic power is confirmed. Broadly speaking, there are scientifically endorsed references that prove the benefits of drinking beet juice to reduce high blood pressure, improve athletic performance, fight inflammation and other great benefits which are worth talking about.

What a glass of beet juice a day can do for your health:

1. Extraordinary nutritional profile

Today the morning routines have become a great ally for boost health and probably one of the most popular is the consumption of juices and natural remedies. Drinking a glass of beet juice on an empty stomach is related to medicinal wonders and the first of his reasons is due to his extraordinary nutritional composition. It is a highly generous and nutrient-richs, contains a wide range of vitamins and essential minerals, is therefore a good food supplement to avoid any nutritional deficiency. Just with drink 100 ml of beet juice (the equivalent of a small glass), we are providing proteins, carbohydrates, natural sugars and lots of fiber, All this for only 29 calories. Additionally it is a very powerful juice containing a high contribution in antioxidants, which are related to benefits to reduce the oxidative stress, inflammatory conditions, and heart disease.

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As if that were not enough, beets stand out for their unmatched mineral wealth among which its content stands out in: folate, vitamin B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, copper, and zinc. They are also rich in other beneficial compoundsI know how is the case with himPhytochemicals, betalains and nitrates, all relate to specific and important healing benefits which we will talk about later.

2. A great ally to regulate blood pressure

In large part, the popularity of beet juice was unleashed thanks to its benefits for balance high blood pressure levels, which are associated with its nitrate content that the body turns into Nitric oxide. This compound has the ability to dilate blood vessels, what improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. There are studies that support these consumer benefits 250 ml of beet juice daily for 4 weeks, have effects to reduce pressure arterial both systolic as well as diastolic.

3. Against inflammation

One of the great qualities of beet is due to its content in about anti-inflammatory compounds called betalains, which are related to its ability to inhibit all kinds of inflammatory diseases. Specifically, it has been proven that a type of betalain called Fethylamine-betaxanthine reduced the activity of an inflammatory enzyme by 32%.

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4. Prevents anemia

Beets have the great virtue of being rich in iron, the essential component of Red blood cells. In other words, without iron it is not possible for red blood cells to transport oxygen through the body. When a person has low iron levels develops anemia which refers to the deficiency of this mineral, an important part of controlling this disease is add sources of iron to the diet. Drinking beet juice daily is the perfect ally to combat the characteristic symptoms of anemia, such as dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, and irregular heartbeat.

5. Protects the liver

Beet juice is characterized by its high content of substances that benefit liver function, among which its contribution in antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and iron. They are a great complement to protect the liver from inflammation and oxidative stress. At the same time they enhance their ability to eliminate toxins more effectively, it is a highly recommended drink for people who suffer from fatty liver and hepatitis.

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6. Boost athletic performance

Without a doubt, beet juice is one of the fundamental drinks for all sportsta, thanks to its compounds such as nitrates and betalains is associated with great effects to improve the athletic performance and athletic efficiency. The reason is simple its nutrient richness allows blood flow and oxygen to be increased in the muscles.

7. Helps to lose weight

Beet juice is very low in calories and rich in nutrients. At the same time their high fiber content, which gives it great satiating and digestive properties. And its great contribution in potassium that is related to wonderful cleansing properties, which help the body to eliminate fluid retention, inflammation, toxins and everything you don’t need.



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