What are the benefits of being pregnant in cold season

Today pregnancy planning is much more common. In this sense, women can program their stage of gestation according to their work and personal needs. But we must also take into account another factor, no less important: the season of the year. Winter is one of the most beneficial seasons, since they allow you to avoid pregnancy discomforts.

If you want to know a little more about this, then we will talk about the benefits of being pregnant in the coldest months of the year.

Summer or winter: which is better

To begin with, you have to take into account the circumstances of each person and what each climate offers. However, carry the final stage of pregnancy between the autumn-winter seasons it has a good number of advantages, according to an article published on the portal Children’s Guide.

One of them is the temperature. While the heat of the summer would increase the discomfort that occurs during pregnancy, the cold will help avoid problems of stress and sleep a lot best.

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Also, it is a good time to do a little exercise without suffering so much from the exhaustion caused by the own weight and the despondency produced by the heat.

Another important factor is the relief from heaviness. During the cold season, fluid retention is not so frequent. Thus, the consequences that this produces are mitigated.

In other words, it will be less common swelling in the feet and legs. In this way, during the winter these problems will not cause great discomfort and the terminal stage of pregnancy will actually be comfortable.

The cold helps avoid stress problems during pregnancy. Source: Unsplash

The cons

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy. Carry out the pregnancy during the cold season of the year also has its cons, and this must also be evaluated to make a good decision that do not affect the Health mother and baby.

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It is precisely colds and other respiratory diseases that are very frequent during the cold period of the year. This is a disadvantage, since when sick, the mother is likely to have to take medications that could affect her well-being and that of her baby.

In the case of the little ones, when they are born, you have to be careful with their body temperature because they are not able to regulate it. That is why you have to keep them warm.

Clothing is another factor to take into account. While a loose-fitting dress is sufficient in summer, bring clothing for the Autumn Winter in the last stage of pregnancy it can be very uncomfortable for some women.

Consult before making a decision

Whatever the case, the important thing is consult with the doctor treating person for a better advice, since he will know the history of the pregnant woman, and according to this he will be able to give a valid suggestion.

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However, whoever decides schedule your pregnancy to finish it during the winter season you will need to be under medical surveillance in case a setback arises, especially in the last stage of pregnancy.

Certainly, the decision-making capacity that many women have allows them to choose well and that is why stay informed It’s very important.

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