What happens in the body when taking a glass of tomato juice daily

Tomato juice is a drink of great therapeutic power. Its daily consumption is related to benefits to take care of cardiovascular health, combat hypertension, lose weight and detoxify the body

Without a doubt tomato It’s one of the most popular ingredients in the gastronomy of many cultures in the world. They fill with color, flavor and aromas all kinds of dishes ranging from soups, creams, salads, stews and succulent sauces, it is also a key vegetable for juice.

In the beginning the tomato juice became highly popular for being the key ingredient in the elaboration of the classic drink Bloody Mary. However in recent years jugotherapy has become one of the health and wellness trends most relevant, this method is based on systematic intake of fruit and vegetable juices in order to prevent or cure health problems.

Based on this the raw tomato juice he was quickly considered one of the natural medicinal remedies most valued and has even been listed as a superfood, this is due to its exceptional nutritional value. It is a very healthy drink that provides a long list of essential nutrients who are responsible for their wonderful therapeutic potential.

That is why in recent years drinking tomato juice has become one of the more effective nutrition trends, even above the celery juice. Get to know some of the healing wonders that will bring to your life the simple and straightforward habit to drink a glass a day.

What a glass of tomato juice a day will do for your health:

1. Great source of vitamin A and C

One of the great nutritional qualities of tomato juice lies in its extraordinary content in vitamin A and C. That is why one of the best accessories for strengthen the immune system, it is ideal in prevention of diseases and infections caused by pathogens. At the same time they are vitamins that stand out for their benefits in visual health and they keep strong bones and teeth.

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A cup of tomato juice contains between 67 and 170 mg of vitamin C. Considering that the average daily requirements in adults they range from 45 and 90 mg per day, having a glass of tomato juice is the perfect solution to be healthy and strong. Also ensure optimal intake of vitamin C it is vitally important to ensure the correct absorption of iron.

2. Prevent high cholesterol

There are several elements that tomato juice contains that are related to great effects for lower and regulate cholesterol levels. It’s principle is because is a drink with a high fiber contentWhat is certain is that it also influences its contribution in niacin and vitamin B3, which is considered a popular element to stabilize cholesterol. Regular consumption of tomato juice is characterized by its ability to wipe out these lipids who usually stay in arterial walls.

3. Protects the skin

Tomato juice has the immense quality of containing a high contribution in lycopene, it is a substance that found naturally in tomatoes and characterized by its benefits for enhance the skin’s defense against free radicals. At the same time, this type of antioxidant is one of the most valued in the disease prevention such as cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

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4. Regulates intestinal function

Tomato juice is a great ally of the digestive and intestinal healthl. Its extraordinary fiber content is beneficial for combat constipation and regularize bowel movements. It has the virtue of helping the body to expel the materials that clog the stomach and intestineor, by promoting food movement through the gastrointestinal tract. Thanks to this it is a good nutritional supplement to ensure a better digestive process and also because of its high water content, provides the hydration necessary to eliminate more effectively and agilely all waste.

5. Great detox drink

One of the most outstanding benefits of tomato juice is due to its benefits diuretics and cleansers, which produce an effect of detoxification in the body. This great quality is largely due to its chlorine and sulfur content, substances that act directly on liver and kidneys the main organs of purification of the organism. Chlorine helps them function properly and sulfur protects them from any inflammation and infection. A glass of juice

6. Helps lose weight

Probably one of the characteristics for which tomato juice became so popular, are its benefits for promote healthy weight loss. This is due to several factors, first place is a highly hydrating drink that keeps the body hydrated and promotes the elimination of toxins. On the other hand its low sodium content and rich in fiber help the body feel satisfied and with a lot of energy, at the same time its digestive and diuretic benefits encourage weightloss. Its wonderful nutritional value guarantees and accelerates the metabolic process.

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7. Hydrates and replenishes lost electrolytes

Have a glass of tomato juice after daily physical activity it is a wonder. It stands out for its high sodium content which is one of the essential electrolytes of the body and it is key in muscle recovery and cellular communication. Also thanks to the high water content of the tomatoes it is a great natural moisturizer that positively intervenes in the state of the joints, the skin, the hair, the balance of the hormonal system and Improves physical and mental performance.

8. Inflammation is reduced

Tomato juice is a antioxidant pump, stands out for its content in beta carotenes, flavonoids and phenolic acids who intervene positively to neutralize free radicals responsible for cell damage and a series of serious diseases. These compounds are popular for their great anti-inflammatory power.



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