What is the Atlantic diet? Discover its powerful benefits

The Atlantic diet is based on the consumption of fish, shellfish, greens and vegetables. It is associated with great therapeutic power and is key in the prevention of diseases

Today we have all kinds of nutrition trends that aim to bring us closer to living in a more healthy and prevent disease. That is why all kinds of dietary guidelines who have become a great ally to enjoy a optimal weight and living longer and better.

For many years one of the feeding styles that has attracted the most attention for its great medicinal benefits is the Mediterranean diet. The truth is that it goes beyond a diet, it is a Lifestyle which is currently considered one of the most popular and beneficial, is known as one of the best streams to live longer and better; however it is not the only option.

In recent years it has attracted special attention the atlantic diet, is an eating style typical of the Galicia area and northern Portugal and has become famous in large part because it has been compared to Mediterranean diet.

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The Atlantic diet is very balanced and consists of the consumption of fish, vegetables and greens, especially based on the consumption of local products. It is a concept that emerged about 20 years ago and in the last 10 years has attracted attention largely due to benefits for increase longevity.

Also another of the main characteristics of the Atlantic diet and that makes it very special not only consists of the food quality that are consumed, if not it also focuses on the way in which food is prepared. It is inspired by a slow and unhurried eating style, a concept that today is called “Slow cooking.”At the same time it promotes simplicity in food preparation, all with the aim of preserving the quality of the raw Materials and therefore the nutritional value of food.

What is the Atlantic diet?

  1. The basis of this style of eating is the high consumption of fish (of sea and river) and seafood (mollusks and crustaceans), which constitute the great present-day Atlantic reserve. Au consumption is recommending of three to four times a week.
  2. Consumption of vegetable food is a priority: cereals, potatoes and legumes. Diets rich in these types of foods are a better way to achieve a good caloric intake in a healthy way. At the same time, a high consumption of Fruits and vegetables, among which the intake of citrus fruits, apples, red fruits, cabbage, collards, onion, carrots, beans, peas, garlic and peppers is recommended.
  3. The olive oil is the fat is the main source of culinary fat, especially for raw use.
  4. The daily consumption of dairy productss, are considered an extraordinary source of vitamins of high biological and mineral values. It is important to integrate the consumption of fermented foods, since they intervene in a positive way in the gut and microbiota health.
  5. Daily physical activity is key, it is essential to avoid sedentary life.
  6. Abundant consumption of liquids, water as the essential drink and wine to accompany meals with a moderate and intelligent consumption.
  7. Enjoy food and family company.
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On the benefits of the Atlantic diet:

  • Provides an extraordinary consumption of foods rich in essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • The production methods used promotes the consumption of food in the most natural way possible, in such a way that controls the excessive consumption of fat and overcooking.
  • It is key in chronic disease prevention, especially those of the cardiovascular type. This is due to its benefits in regulating high levels of cholesterol in the blood and also its qualities to increase the good cholesterol “HDL.”
  • Helps to have a healthy weight, without suffering from nutritional deficiencies. Speeds up metabolism and benefits the elimination of toxins being a type of clean food.
  • Promotes zero consumption of processed foods, rich in saturated fat, refined flours and sugars.
  • Improves brain and cognitive functioning, it is a good eating style for improve memory, concentration and learning.



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