What Lemon Juice Can Do For Your Health

The consumption of lemon juice is a great habit of great therapeutic power, is associated with digestive benefits, promotes weight loss and prevents diseases

Lemon is a food with high medicinal power that is related to benefits to strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases.

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The lemon is one of the citric fruits most valued for their pnutritional and medicinal properties, not in vain is it a infallible ally in the kitchen and it is also the star ingredient of Natural medicine that are associated with benefits for combat various ailments and diseases that deteriorate health.

A little about the properties of lemon juice:

The lemon It is an aromatic fruit native to the southeast asia specifically between the Himalayas and China, was introduced to Europe through the Arabs and that is why its name comes from the Arabic term “Laymún.”

One of his great qualities is due to his extraordinary vitamin C content, that is why it is an essential food in the diet of any person. Only 100 ml of lemon juice provide the 62% of the daily needs for vitamin C, which is essential for the good condition of the blood vessels, good bone, tooth and skin health and also ainfallible bundle of the immune system, prevents infections and diseases. Its consumption is also key for the body to guarantee a correct absorption of ironor, that is why consuming fasting lemon juice is a great morning remedy.

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At the same time the lemon comes loaded with phytochemicals that protect the cells and tissues of the body, at the same time are responsible for multiplying the antioxidant activity of vitamin C and together they enhance their functions to eliminate the free radicals that damage cells.

One of the substances that more therapeutic power gives the lemon is a terpene called limolene, which is not only responsible for giving the characteristic flavor to citrus fruits; provides great benefits for reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, cataracts, hypertension, heart attacks and various types of cancer.

5 powerful effects of lemon juice:

While lemon is a fruit of immense versatility the best and most effective way to take advantage of all your medicinal properties it is consuming lemon juice is fasting, either dissolved in half a glass of warm water or directly the juice. It is the most suitable method and schedule for the body to take advantage of the action of vitamin C, terpenes and organic acids in lemon.

1. Improves and stimulates digestion

It is well known that lemon is highly digestive, this is due to its great capacity to stimulate digestion and bile production. The fasting consumption of lemon juice is related to great benefits to combat the most common stomach conditions such as gastritis, heartburn, reflux, constipation, gas, and inflammation. This is due to its high soluble fiber content, a nutrient that not only improves intestinal health and slows down the digestion of sugars and starches.

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2. Purifies, alkalizes and hydrates

He lemon juice has the immense quality of stimulate the body’s purifying processes, while favors its alkalinity and is a powerful ally for eliminate fluid retention and wastes like toxins that significantly deteriorate health. Another of its great benefits of drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice on an empty stomach, it turns out highly hydrating especially after 8-10 hours in which the body did not receive fluids.

3. Improves the skin

He high content of vitamin C provided by lemon is associated with great benefits for improve skin health, this is because increases collagen production and thanks to its antioxidant power it protects it from the damage caused by UV rays. Another of its great advantages is due to its detox properties that are related to positive effects for cleanse the skin from within and the organs responsible for causing some skin conditions and inflammations.

4. Promotes weight loss

One of the best natural allies for benefit weight loss, there is a study published in Advances in Nutrition in which they are checked the effects of flavonoids for stimulate weight loss and reduce the risk of suffering metabolic syndrome. At the same time its content in a a type of fiber called pectin, is a good ally to provide satiety and avoid excessive consumption of calories. Their diuretic, laxative and anti-inflammatory effects.

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5. Prevents diseases

Lemon juice it is liquid gold for health, above all it is a powerful antidote to enhance the operation of the immune system and it is therefore highly recommended to prevent all kinds of diseases. Its bioactive compounds, including flavonoids, alkaloids, limonoids, coumarins, carotenoids, phenolic acids and essential oils, play an important role in preventing and combating various health conditions. Among the main ones stand out conditions in the respiratory system, urinary tract and stomach infections, kidney stones, cardiovascular diseases, diseases related to inflammation as is the case of gout and arthritis. At the same time it is recognized as a valuable complement to the snervous and neurological system and Improves mood.



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