Why is ghee better than regular butter?

Ghee butter can be kept at room temperature unlike regular butter

The butter ghee It is an alternative to butter that we easily find in supermarkets, and an option that is perhaps much better for its impact on our health. Next we will talk a little more about this food.

What is ghee butter?

According to a portal article Web consultationsghee butter is a clarified butter that is made up only of fats, eliminating the part of sugars, proteins and water.

Ghee butter can be made at home if Let the regular butter cook until it turns dark by roasting the solid residues of the protein. This butter is also known as usli ghee.

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Since ghee butter lacks the lactose associated with milk sugar, it is a safe ingredient for people with high sensitivity to lactose.

This is a butter that can be stored at room temperature unlike normal butter, which is damaged when not in the refrigerator.

Benefits of consuming ghee butter

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In the composition of ghee butter we find butyric acid, a short-chain saturated fat with properties related to reducing inflammation, better intestinal health and Prevention of colon cancer.

It is also possible to find linoleic acid in greater proportion than in normal butter. This substance would affect a greater loss of fat according to a study from the University of Wisconsin.

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On the other hand, ghee butter is rich in vitamins A, E and K2. Vitamin A has a positive incidence on the skin, while E and K2 are related to a better cardiovascular health beyond the high fat content of this butter.

The inclusion of ghee butter in our diet may be quite satisfactory and beneficial for us, provided we keep in mind its high fat content and consume butter in moderation.



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