Women and Fashion.

Women and Fashion.

The main basis of the creation of the planet is women. Society cannot be imagined in the absence of women. Its various forms provide knowledge of the truth of the planet . Man cannot develop without a woman.

In some form or the other, the woman is associated with the man. The importance of woman in Indian culture isn’t hidden from anyone. Mother idol is that the special quality of the idol of compassion, for this reason the world is additionally called mother.

The gentleness and beauty of a woman cannot be compared to anything. Nature and the woman also look beautiful, attired. Woman’s nature is birth. She enhances her beauty with various tools of nature.

In the changing environment of society, women’s beauty has also changed. Along with the circumstances of the country, it is bound to change. Fashion people nowadays consider it a joke.

Everybody has called fashion the name of organ display and therefore the matter is completely right because today’s era has become like this.

As long as the woman does not wear naked clothes or body-worn clothes, the woman does not like it. Now there is no era like before, when the woman walked out of the house wearing a clean and beautiful sari, she looked so beautiful. But it is no longer the same, now the Kali Yuga has arrived.

On the strength of EC fashion, Indian women are wearing their flag within the great thing about the planet today. In 1994, Ms. Sushmita Sen was elected Miss Universe and Aishwarya Rai Miss World. In 1997, Diana Hayden of Calcutta again captured the title. Yukta Mukhi of Mumbai was elected Miss World in 1999.

Fashion enhances personality. Not only a woman, every person wants to look beautiful than the other, this nature is more in women than men. Everyone is independent. The women of all classes and castes have the right to decorate. Or we can say that fashion varies according to country and time. Fashion provides balanced relief to body, mind and eyes.

When there’s an more than organ performance in fashion, lustful feelings begin to arise. Today, in the era of science, there has been a lot of development in the film world. Along with this, the style of organ performance is additionally increasing day by day. The effect of which is seen more.

It is an honest thing for a lady to be beautiful, she has the proper to try to to fashion, but such fashion is meaningless which becomes painful for the lady . Wearing clean clothes, wearing appropriate jewelery are the major parts of fashion.

The fashion which makes a lady more attractive, is vainly .

In ancient times there was a permanent beauty which was called Lavanya. A common reason for this was good food and drink which was attributed to women. Hence, there was no need for artificial cosmetics.

According to the country, women wont to dress within the festival, marriage, marriage etc. But today women want to measure in daily fashion, which is promoting pornography, nudity day by day. As a result, sexuality is increasing, which is fatal to society. This is not to stop a woman from dressing properly, to give her limited and appropriate fashion inspiration. The main cornerstone of the society is women.

She looks after the children at home. Her children follow her fashion. Therefore, regular fashion should be done by women. Fashion is very important for a woman, but it is also necessary to protect her from obscenity and nudity. Therefore, fashion should be such the lady is attractive, but the lady should do only simple fashion. Fashion has always been and always will be.

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