Yoga For Students: Yoga helps in removing stress in examinations

Yoga helps in removing stress in examinations among students

The practice of yoga is useful for everybody , whether it’s big, old or child, it’s beneficial for everybody .

By practicing yoga, you’ll overcome mental, physical and emotional problems also as through it you’ll stay healthy.

Yoga is additionally beneficial for college kids . During the exams, students need to undergo stress thanks to which they begin having problems like headaches, fatigue and are unable to specialise in studies. Yoga helps to take care of the health of scholars at such times.

Students should practice yoga regularly to alleviate stress and increase concentration. Which yoga are often beneficial for college kids . Let’s know Yoga for college kids .

Yoga for students: Students in examinations kept healthy by these asanas
Yoga for college kids in Hindi


To do this asana, sit on the bottom by laying mats.
Then spread both your legs towards the front.
Keep in mind that your waist should be straight.
Spread the toes inward and therefore the soles of the feet outward.
Place both your hands directly next to your buttock.
Remain calm and stay during this position for a few time.


To do this asana, lie on a mat on the abdomen.
Keep your palms aligned together with your shoulders and keep your feet straight.
After this, while breathing, lift the front of the body above the navel.
For some time he remained within the same position and continued to breathe normally.


To perform Sukhasana, sit on a mat and keep both your legs straight towards the front.
After doing this, put the heel of your right foot on the thigh of the left foot.
Similarly, roll in the hay with the left leg. It should be as if it’s sitting the wrong way up .
After sitting, keep your back straight and keep the palms upright on both knees.
After this, take deep breaths and exhale slowly outwards.
Meditate on the breath and stay during this posture for a few time.


Pranayama is additionally beneficial for relieving stress.
Breath is controlled during this . Also, full attention has got to be kept on breathing.
In this process, the breath is inhaled slowly then exhaled.

Ek padasana

This asana is performed by standing.
To do this, first of all stand upright.
Then bend your right leg with the assistance of knee.
After turning the leg, place it on the thigh of the left leg.
After doing this, take both your hands above the top and blend both
the palms and are available to the posture of salutation.
By doing the above postures, students
Relieve stress
Can do also as be healthy. So, practice them regularly.

By doing the above postures, students Relieve stress. Can do also as be healthy. So, practice them regularly.

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