You think you got a big bruise and it was actually a very dangerous cancer

An English policeman was doing a lot of exercise and thought it was a hit without imagining what it was really about

John Haywood is a Chief Inspector for the Greater Manchester County Police, in the UK, and a year ago, His life was completely changed when he discovered what appeared to be a bruise or bruise and ended up being something worse.

It turns out that Haywood, 46, discovered a stain on one of his ankles, which seemed to be a blow, so he did not pay much attention to it because he used to run and ride a bicycle and believed that it could be a busted capillary glass.

At first, the bruise looked about the size of a coin; However, as the weeks progressed, it did not disappear and on the contrary, it became larger and larger. 6 months later, the police decided to go to a dermatologist to treat him.

After several tests and after performing a biopsy, the doctor indicated that that bruise it was a sarcoma, a tumor of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, blood vessels, adipose tissue) whose malignant form is aggressive.

The situation did not stop there because the following month was detected another type of cancer called lymphoma, which affects the blood cells associated with the immune system.

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John had to leave his job temporarily to undergo two surgeries, as well as chemotherapies to treat both diseases; Fortunately, after 3 months he received the good news that both had taken effect, although now he must continue fighting to beat sarcoma.

The police decided to maintain his lifestyle as he had before the disease and also, shares his daily life on Twitter to encourage people who are battling cancer like him.

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